Humanism in Aging Action Award

About the Award

The Humanism in Aging Action Award is presented to the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine student and/or resident who has submitted an action plan in an adjudicated venue that addresses the question: How will you apply what you learned from the Humanism in Aging Leadership Award Winner’s lecture in your future practice?”

Past Award Winners

  • 2017-18: First Place: Emily Schaffer, MS I: Second Place: William Ciurylo, MS II; Third Place: Drew Oyama, MS I; and Aretha Kou, MS II (Honorable Mention)2016-17: 1st Place: Patrick Kurpaska, MS II: 2nd Place: Emily Szuba, MS I; 3rd Place: Tiffany Cheung, MS II; and Annie Liu, MS II (Honorable Mention)
  • 2015-16: First Place: Phil Barber, MS II; Second Place: Tiffany Cheung, MS I; Third Place: Lea Clay, MS I; and Brian Zylinksi, MS II (Honorable Mention)
  • 2014-15: First Place: Rachel Sluder, MSI; Second Place: David Drozda, MSII; Third Place: Shana Eaglefeathers, MSII
  • 2013-14: First Place: Holly Laird, MS II; Second Place: Gurmat Gill MS II; Third Place: Shana Eaglefeathers, MS I 
  • 2012-13: First Place: Cole Southworth, MS II; Second Place: Diana Stern, MS I; Third Place: Rob Zondervan, MS II
  • 2011-12: First Place: Hannah Reiman, MS II; Second Place: Heather Hassett, MS I; Third Place: Cole Southworth, MS I
  • 2010-11: First Place: Suvi Neukam, MS I; Second Place: Jaqueline O'Toole, MS II; Third Place: Dana Maglaris, MS I
  • 2009-10: First Place: David Ladley, MS II; Second Place: Susannah Schultz, MS I; Third Place: Amber Hayden, MS I; and Robert Doody, MS II (Honorable Mention)
  • 2008-09: First Place tie: Sunny Raleigh, D.O. (Resident) and Corrie Anderson, MS I; Third Place: Katherine S. Hayes, MS I

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