Before using the scope, you must be trained at an introductory course or individually by a technician. Please contact the confocal technician for more information. You will then get an invitation to add entries to the online scheduling calendar.

New users must watch all training videos and accumulate a minimum of 5 hrs of use with a technologist present (charged at $25/hr) to be certified for independent operation of the instrument. 


Acknowledgements make it easier for us to obtain future funding for additional equipment so that we all benefit from publications. Please acknowledge the UNE Microscope Core Facility with the following statement in the appropriate section of any publication or grant in which images from the confocal or atomic force microscope are used:

"The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the UNE Microscope Core Facility, funded by NSF Grants #0116398 and #1125672."

In the facility

  • Please prepare all slides ahead of time.
  • Use oil sparingly on the immersion lens. Clean the lens and sides of the objectives carefully with lens paper (provided) after use. Do not use Kim-wipes! Lenses are easily damaged and very costly to replace.
  • Before turning on microscope power, please log in to the logbook located near the scope indicating user name, PI, start time, lasers to be used, epifluorescent lamp time (if used), incubator components (if used), and ending time (upon completion of scanning).
  • Save all files to the D drive in a folder labeled with the user’s name. Please periodically back up files onto an external device. Because the D drive has a limited capacity, files older than a month may be subject to deletion if space becomes a problem.  
  • Please, no food or drink in the microscope room.
  • Please be aware that cell phone calls may interfere with the resonance scanner and HyD detector.
  • Before shutting down, please confirm there is no one scheduled within two hours after you are finished by checking the online calendar. If there is, please call and confirm with the next user, then log off and leave equipment on standby. Follow the posted shut-down procedure if you are the last user of the day.
  • Please leave the facility clean for the next user.