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In addition to contacting EAP services at 1 (877) 622-4327, you can also access additional information benefits through

About EAP Services

The University of New England offers a voluntary and confidential Employee Assistance Program which is designed to assist you in dealing with concerns such as marital difficulties, depression, stress, concerns with children or aging parents, alcoholism, drug abuse, legal issues, and many other issues that may affect you.

We can help you with that

Take advantage of a wide range of services offered to you at no cost to you.

Face-to-Face Consultation

You can meet with a licensed Cigna EAP network provider for up to five free visits per issue, per year, per person. Should you need continued treatment beyond the five visits, you can continue to see your provider seamlessly and move into your behavioral benefits under CIGNA by paying the provider your cost share.

Telephonic Consultation

You have an unlimited number of telephonic consultations.

Legal Services

For a variety of issues including wills, child custody, personal injury, landlord-tenant issues, and many other legal issues, you have a free 30-minute consultation with a network attorney and a 25% discount on the usual and customary fees if you choose to retain the attorney for services thereafter.

Child Care Services

You may access resources and get referrals for child care providers, get information about adoption, parenting issues, and a wide variety of other child care topics.

Elder Care Services

You may access resources and get referrals for elder care providers, get information and education on aging, Medicare, and a wide variety of other child care topics.

Pet Care Services

Pets play an important part in our overall wellness and it is important that they receive the care they need. Cigna's EAP pet care services can provide you with resources and referrals for veterinarians, obedience classes, pet supplies, and a variety of other pet care topics.

Other Services

Cigna's EAP program offers a variety of other services including financial consultation, identity theft, education, summer camps, and other topics to help smooth out the road in life.


Access Cigna Employee Assistance and work/life support programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1 (877) 622-4327 or logging into with the employer ID une.

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