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Life in Southern Maine

Those who live and work in Maine are proud to say that our state offers something to everyone. From the bustling arts and cultural events of Portland and surrounding communities, to the serenity of loons’ calls on inland lakes; from the sights and sounds of a working waterfront, to the swish of skis on fresh fallen snow; from the rural scenes of Northern Maine, to the attractions of nearby Boston – living in Southern Maine means never running out of things to do, yet still finding peaceful corners for quiet reflection.

Links of Interest

There are many websites and local businesses serving the needs of potential new employees relocating to Maine. We are happy to provide a sampling of resources that we hope you find interesting and useful as you consider employment opportunities with the University of New England. We do not partner with any of the business or sites provided here and make no claims to their quality of service, but they may serve as a helpful starting point when considering a move to Southern Maine.

Rental Resources

Moving Companies