Using the UNE Libraries

The UNE campuses include two libraries:

Jack S. Ketchum Library on the Biddeford Campusexterior shot of Jack S. Ketchum library on U N E's biddeford campus

Josephine S. Abplanalp ’45 Library on the Portland CampusJosephine S. Abplanalp library on U N E's portland campus

In order for everyone to get the most out of our library spaces:

Food and Drink are OK

But be respectful of others' need to use library spaces. If you make a mess, clean it up or report it to library staff so that we can have it cleaned. You will need to replace damaged library items, so we suggest keeping a lid on your drinks!

Don’t Camp Out

Campus Security will remove and hold on to any personal belongings left unattended in the library.

Be Respectful

Observe signs about the noise level for each space and be respectful of others' need to concentrate in silent study areas. Library staff will ask you to adjust your volume or move to a conversation zone if we receive complaints.

Library staff reserve the right to ask any person causing any disturbance to leave the library. We will call Campus Security or the local police department to deal with incidences of vandalism, theft, acts of violence or threatening or abusive behavior.

For Campus Visitors:

See our hours for details of when visitors are able to use the UNE Libraries. Late night and early morning access is limited to those with a valid UNE ID Card.

As a visitor, you can use library materials within the buildings but can’t borrow them. Use of some materials, such as those in special collections, may require an appointment. Items on Course Reserve require a UNE ID card to access.

Use of the computers in the library requires a valid UNE Nor’Easter ID, but you can use our open WiFi to connect to the internet on your own device. Printing is not available.

If you are visiting UNE as part of a conference, we will provide you with a login ID so that you can access our computers and printers.

While UNE Libraries welcomes visitors, our materials, spaces and services are primarily to support UNE students, faculty and staff. We reserve the right to restrict library access to UNE ID card-holders at any time and for any reason.

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