Telepresence Robot

You can now borrow a Double Robotics Telepresence Robot from the UNE Libraries!

What is a “Telepresence Robot?”

A telepresence robot is a computer-controlled, mobile device which allows you to interact with others when you aren’t able to be physically present.

What are the robots for?

The robots can be used to:

  • Attend meetings on the other campus if you are not able to travel
  • Meet with colleagues who are not able to travel to UNE
  • Attend a class if you can’t be physically present
  • As a traveling mobile sign
  • To collect survey responses
  • To observe study subjects
  • To interact with patients in a clinical setting

Have a great idea on how to use the robots? Let us know!

Who can use the robot?

All UNE students, faculty and staff can use the robots.

How do I get a robot?

Each campus library has one robot. Book a robot by:

How long can I keep the robot?

You’ll be emailed an access link giving you control of the robot for up to 24 hours. If you need it longer, ask — use can be extended based on availability. 

Anything else I should know?

  • The robots are for inside use only
  • The robot works best when controlled by a laptop or desktop computer using Chrome as your browser
  • Remote use of the robot works best with a “handler” who can be on site to guide the robot through doors and transport it to and from the library
  • The robot needs a strong, steady WiFi connection

Before you use the robot for the first time, please review the User’s Guide.

For more information, ideas about potential uses and the manufacturer’s guide, visit

If you have any questions, issues, or would like to set up a tutorial please contact us at (207) 602-3000 or email

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