The University of New England Maine Geriatric Education Center (UNE-MGEC) for several HRSA funding cycles was one of several Geriatric Education Centers throughout the country with the purpose of providing health professionals, health professions faculty, and students with interprofessional training, curricula, and tools relevant to today's older adult population. We address the healthcare needs of an aging rural state in which primary care providers and other health professionals — particularly those with knowledge of elder health — are in short supply.

We forge partnerships between academic communities and provide faculty development opportunities. We educate the men and women working in the health care fields in best practice geriatrics, and we increase awareness of the resources available to older adults.

The Center is located on UNE's Portland Campus and is part of the UNE Westbrook College of Health Professions.

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UNE-MGEC Activities and Resources

Among the activities of the UNE-MGEC were education programs including health literacy team training, falls and quality of falls care (evidence-based practice) team training, fall prevention education, art in aging "Living Art-Living Well Studio" and emergency preparedness education and training.

Online Courses

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History and Funding

From July 1, 2010, through June 30, 2015, The UNE-MGEC was one of 45 national Geriatric Education Centers funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. A grant of approximately $1,080 provided a range of health professionals, health professions faculty, and students with training, curricula, and tools to address Maine's growing older adult population healthcare needs.

The center has gone through several funding cycles. Until 2002 the Maine Geriatric/Gerontology Education Center was part of the Harvard Upper New England Geriatric Education Center (HUNEGEC). Objectives of the HUNEGEC were directed at upper New England as a whole, with certain sub-objectives being unique to Maine.

In 2003, the center received its own funding from HRSA to establish the Maine Geriatric Education Center (Maine GEC). The Maine GEC was developed to implement a more extensive set of objectives to focus on the unique needs of Maine's older adults. The Maine GEC operated from July 2003 through December 2006 when all GEC's throughout the country were zero funded by congress prior to the completion of the five-year funding cycle.

In September 2007 the University of New England was awarded a $650,000, three-year grant from HRSA which continued through June 3, 2010.


Judy Metcalf

Presentation highlights Maine Geriatric Education Center study with MDI Island Hospital

Judith Metcalf with Christina Costello

Judith Metcalf presents at Maine Nursing Summit

Judith Metcalf with Molly Neptune Parker

Judith Metcalf interviewed in ‘Maine Seniors’ magazine


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