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The University of New England Maine Geriatric Education Center (UNE-MGEC) is one of several national Geriatric Education Centers funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). 

The UNE-MGEC will partner with health systems and professional networks to develop, implement, disseminate and evaluate evidence-based best practice geriatric education, training, curricula and resources throughout Maine. UNE-MGEC will address priority health education needs of Maine’s health workforce, health professions faculty and students, community organizations and older adults and their families.

Courses Offered

Directions for course registration

To register call Marilyn Amoroso at  207-221-4460 or e-mail You will then receive a user name and password and will be directed on how to begin the course. If you experience any technical problems or have any further questions regarding registration or UNE-MGEC online course information contact 207-221-4460 or e-mail

For more information about the UNE-MGEC Contact:

Judith A. Metcalf, APRN, BC, MS
Director, University of New England Maine Geriatric Education Center
University of New England Center for Community and Public Health
716 Stevens Ave
Portland, ME 04103
Phone 207-221-4459