Donations to the Collection

The Maine Women Writers Collection maintains an active acquisitions program in contemporary and historic manuscript material as well as in rare books.  We welcome donations of papers, books, and monetary gifts.

Donating Personal or Organizational Papers

 Among the types of materials in personal and family papers of interest to researchers are:

  • letters
  • memoirs/reminiscences
  • diaries
  • scrapbooks/photo albums
  • professional papers
  • genealogical information
  • speeches/lectures
  • business records
  • subject files
  • legal documents
  • minutes/reports
  • brochures and flyers
  • photographs (labeled)
  • films/videos/audio tapes (labeled)

Also of interest are files relating to the individual's civic, business, religious, political, and social activities.

For more information on the transfer of personal papers, please contact the Curator.

Donating or Bequeathing Funds to the MWWC

Monetary donations or bequests for the benefit of the MWWC may be made through the UNE Office of Institutional Advancement. Please feel free to contact the Curator to discuss this possibility, confidentially and without any obligation.

The Collection's basic operations are funded through the Healy Endowment, established by philanthropist John Payson in 1991, in memory of founder Dorothy Healy.  However, exceptional and special acquisitions (and the staffing to process these acquisitions) are not provided for in the yearly operational budget.  Special funding and edowments enable the operations of the Collection to appropriately adjust to meet future needs.  Your support allows us to expand and reach wider audiences.