Blanche Willis Howard Collection, 1847-1898

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Volume: 1 linear foot

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series.

Biographical Note: Blanche Willis Howard was born in Bangor, Maine, in 1847, and by most accounts died in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1898 (although it is also written that she died in Munich.) A well-known novelist in both the United States and abroad, Howard lived in various locations in Germany from 1875 until her death and was one of the few writers of her time to publish her work in the United States from outside the country.

Having moved to Germany to study and act as correspondent for the Boston Evening Transcript, she settled in Stuttgart where she taught, wrote novels, plays and poetry, edited a magazine in English and chaperoned American girls studying art and music in a type of finishing school she created. (Howard herself was an accomplished musician and acquaintance of Wagner and Lizst.) She enjoyed the outdoors and was a cyclist, swimmer and excellent horsewoman.

In 1890 she married Baron Julius von Teuffel, court physician to the King of Wurttemberg, who encouraged her in her writing. Widowed in 1896, she remained in Germany and continued her literary work. Howard authored or co-authored a total of sixteen volumes, at least two of those published posthumously. She wrote under her maiden name and her work was translated into a number of European languages. Her first novel, One Summer, was published in 1875 while she still lived in Maine and was set in Wiscasett. The remainder of her work, for the most part, was set in Europe, and The Open Door (1889) and Dionysis: The Weaver's Heart's Dearest (1899) were her most critically acclaimed.

Howard's body of work includes: One Summer (1875); A full report on the exercises at the centennial celebration of the declaration of independence by American citizens in Stuttgart, Germany (with John Greenleaf Whittier and Anna Hubbard Mercur; 1876); One Year Abroad (1877); Robin Hood's Miracle and Other Stories (with Hezekiah Butterworth; 1878); Aunt Serena (1881); Guen: A Wave on the Breton Coast (1883); Aulnay Tower (1885); Tony, The Maid, a Novelette (1887); The Open Door (1889); The Humming Top, or, Debit and Credit in the Next World (1890); A Fellowe and His Wife (with William Sharp; 1892); A Battle and a Boy (1892); No Heroes (1893); Seven on the Highway (1897); Dionysis: The Weaver's Heart's Dearest (posthumously, 1899); The Garden of Eden (posthumously, 1900). She was distantly related to General Oliver Otis Howard of Leeds, Maine.

Description: This collection contains samplings of Howard's literary work in manuscript form, biographical information, correspondence, business papers with her publishers, and estate documents. Some items are in German.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Blanche Willis Howard Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:

001.  Biographical, bibliographical information
002.  Calling cards, Blanche von Teuffel
003.  Photographs (4)
004.  Obituaries, originals and photocopies
005.  Obituary from the Illustrated London News
006.  Obituary for Dr. Julius Von Teuffel (in German language)
007.  Cremation certificate for BWH
008.  Will of BWH; copies in her hand in English and German; power of attorney letter
009.  Estate Administrative Papers
010.  Estate Insurance letters, correspondence
011.  Receipts - Stuttgart
012.  Travel expenses
013.  German Tour Schedule
014.  Invoices, bills
015.  Munich hotel bills
016.  Travel diary -- no year
017.  Map--unidentified location
018.  News clippings (one in German language)
019.  Correspondence from Houghton, Osgood & Co.
020.  Correspondence to BWH
021.  Correspondence to BWH and MHS from various writers
022.  Correspondence to from Jessica Milsom Stevens to Mr. H. providing reference for HWH
023.  Correspondence to niece Marion Stuart & "Dear Child"
024.  Correspondence to BWH
025.  Correspondence BWH to Marion Howard Fuller Smith
026.  Correspondence from Charles Russell
027.  Correspondence from Frederick H. Stokes & Company
028.  Correspondence to Marion Stuart Smith, niece
029.  Correspondence to Moorfield Storey, Storey & Thorndike
030.  Correspondence to BWH, undated
031.  Correspondence to BWH from Theodore Stanton, Paris
032.  Correspondence from BWH concerning chaperoning and educational opportunities in Germany, undated
033.  Correspondence from BWH, 5 handwritten copies to friend Amie
034.  Typescript of The Heath Witch: Gypsies
035.  Signed typescript of The American Alligator
036.  MSS title page, original and copy, of Dionysis The Weaver's Heart's Dearest
037.  MSS Under the Sun beg. "Crowned heads however erring..."
038.  MSS Under the Sun beg. "A sailor on board..."
039.  MSS Under the Sun -- misc. typed and holograph pages
040.  MSS Under the Sun beg. "It is not surprising..."
041.  4-3/4'' X 7-3/4'' black leather copybook with enclosures
042.  MSS unidentified No Continuing City
043.  Extract from the Pall Mall Gazette
044.  Misc. notes, recipes, lists, correspondence
045.  MSS Misc. texts -- drama, poetry, notes
046.  MSS Misc. typed pages (10 pages)
047.  MSS Misc. papers -- German and English
048.  MSS pages 197-227, typescript with holograph corrections
049.  Sonnet addressed by Frances Ridley Havergal to her friend, Baroness Helga von Cramm
050.  Instructions to Translators
051.  Copyright Registry -- Open Door
052.  Royalty Statement, Aunt Serena
053.  Royalty Statement, Humming Top, Frederick H. Stokes
054.  Royalty Statement, James R. Osgood, A Fellowe and His Wife
055.  Payment letter from The Independent
056.  Contract and royalty statements
057.  Contract for A Battle and a Boy
058.  Contract for A Fellowe and His Wife
059.  Contract and letter -- Dionysis The Weaver's Heart's Dearest, Marion H. Smith (Administratrix) and Charles Scribner's Sons
060.  Royalty statements, MHS (admnistratrix, estate of BWH) and Harper & Brothers
061.  Contract, The Garden of Eden, MHS and Charles Scribner's Sons
062.  Houghton Mifflin royalty statements, 11 sheets
063.  Houghton Mifflin royalty statements, 17 sheets
064.  BWH Estate, "Vroni" clippings
065.  BWH Estate, Legal notice re: dissolution of Harper & Brothers to BWH estate
066.  BWH Estate, Correspondence from Storey & Thorndike and Storey, Thorndike & Palmer
067.  BWH Estate, Correspondence from Storey, Thorndike & Palmer
068.  BWH Estate, Correspondence from Charles Scribner's Sons to MHS, Administratrix
069.  BWH Estate, Correspondence to MHS, Administratrix, from Harper & Brothers
070.  BWH Estate, Correspondence from unidentified reader
071.  BWH Estate, Correspondence to MSS from Charles Scribner's Sons, 1900; Correspondence to MHS from Charles Scribner's Sons, 1899 
072.  BWH Estate, Dionysis...
073.  BWH Estate, The Garden of Eden clippings
074.  BWH Estate, clippings
075.  BWH Estate, Correspondence from Elizabeth Marbury to MHS
076.  BWH Estate, Correspondence from Charles Scribner's Sons to MHS
077.  BWH Estate, Royalty statement, Harper & Brothers, Tony, The Maid
078.  BWH Estate, Royalty statement, Houghton Mifflin
079.  BWH Estate, Houghton Mifflin, royalty statements
080.  BWH Estate, Inventory, Storey, Thorndike & Palmer to MHS

Published work in periodicals held by MWWC:

The Reveille, 1864 (high school newspaper, HBW was an editor)
"Beryl's Thought - A Thanksgiving Story" Atlantic Monthly Dec. 1886

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