Chenoweth Hall Slides, 1952-1986

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Volume: 1.75 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series. Arranged chronologically.

Biographical note: Chenoweth Hall was born in New Albany, Indiana, on November 2, 1908, the eldest daughter of Nellie (Smith) and George W. Hall.

At the University of Wisconsin, Hall earned a degree in musicology, and upon graduation she moved to New York City. After working as a music teacher in New Jersey elementary schools, she became a copywriter for various New York City advertising agencies, handling such well-known fashion accounts as The Cotton Shop, Lily Daché and Helena Rubenstein. During her New York years, she played violin in the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra and with the Rossano String Quartet, and monitored courses at The New School for Social Research, while working on a thesis entitled  "The Interrelationship of the Arts" at Columbia University.

In 1939, she moved to Prospect Harbor with Miriam Colwell and began to devote her time to her creative pursuits. Hall’s early focus was on writing, and her novel The Crow on the Spruce was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1946. She then began to concentrate her energies more toward painting (primarily watercolors) and sculpture. She exhibited widely in and outside of Maine, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Connecticut and Florida.

In Maine, Hall developed important, long-lasting friendships with fellow artists John Marin, Marsden Hartley, Berenice Abbott, Ruth Moore and others. In 1968, she collaborated with Abbott on "A Portrait of Maine," pairing her text with Abbott’s photographs. Also that year, Hall became artist in residence and associate professor of art at the University of Maine, Machias, where she taught for 10 years. Hall’s work during the later stages of her life focused primarily on carving, first wood and then stone. In 1970, her 4½-ton granite memorial sculpture to Pierre Monteux was dedicated in Hancock.

With her retirement in 1978, she and Colwell began to spend six months of the year in Jekyll Island, Georgia, where Hall became an active member of the art association, the Mozart Society, and played violin in the Brunswick (Georgia) Symphony Orchestra.

In 1989, she began to show the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and she suffered failing health over the next ten years. In September 1996, a tribute exhibit of Hall’s paintings and sculpture was held at the art gallery of the University of Maine, Machias, and in 1998 a collection of her watercolors was shown at University of Maine, Orono. Chenoweth Hall died on April 19, 1999. Later that year the Gleason Gallery in Camden held a solo exhibit of her watercolors.

Hall’s work is included in numerous museums and private collections throughout the country, and her papers are held by the Smithsonian Institution.

Description: This collection is comprised of slides and stereo slides of images taken by Hall from 1952 to 1986, including images of her home with Miriam Colwell in Prospect Harbor and their pets; the natural world, including gardens, birds and landscapes; excursions along the Maine coast; travel to Europe (especially Greece), Canada, New York, Virginia and Washington, D.C.; Hall’s artwork; and visits with artist friends such as Berenice Abbott, Ruth Moore, Bernard Langlais, Beverly Hassam, Robert Shetterly and others.

Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Chenoweth Hall slides, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container list:

001.  stereo slides--various images, 1952
002.  stereo slides--outdoor stonework; undated interiors and exteriors of house, 1958, undated
003.  stereo slides--Spring house--Marry Prentis and Anna Livia, 1958
004.  stereo slides--skating with Ruth and Denis, February 1959
005.  stereo slides--Lassie, Walker sheep, Gladys party, Aunt Sally, August 1959
006.  stereo slides--National Gallery, DC; visits to Aunt May and Nixon parade, 1959
007.  stereo slides--winter picnics with fire in snow with Merciers; springtime next door, 1959
008.  stereo slides--show at NE; party at Gladys; party at our house; the Sands, 1959
009.  stereo slides--June Boston art festival; fall Pratts, Spruce Point, Annisquam, 1959
010.  stereo slides--Lassie, Christmas, Merciers, Washington, Amish, Sylvania, parade (?), 1959
011.  stereo slides--special 1959: Miriam, Lassie, PA, Sands, home, friends, sculpture, 1959
012.  stereo slides--Chenoweth Hall show at Northeast Harbor, 1959
013.  stereo slides--unidentified, December 1959
014.  stereo slides--Christmas 1959, M & C house, Schoodic, Rambler Snowbird, George Papisvilli, 1959
015.  stereo slides--winter: Grindstone, Schoodic, dogs, Sam & Ann, Winter 1959
016.  stereo slides--Albrights, Cranberry Point, 1960
017.  stereo slides--"set aside for prints", 1959-1964
018.  stereo slides--scenery on way home from Waterville Hospital; Schoodic, April 1960
019.  stereo slides--Lassie and puppies; Ruth Storms; Berenice Abbott, Lousie Young, Doug Lockwood, 1960
020.  stereo slides--Spruce Point, Schoodic Point, Kathleen Fink, Dick Pratt, 1961
021.  stereo slides--Quebec, October 1961
022.  stereo slides--Quebec, Montreal, October 1961
023.  stereo slides--Quebec, Montreal, Fall 1961
024.  stereo slides--John & Bernie, John Burleigh, Bedford, NH, Spring 1962
025.  stereo slides--our own flowers and fields, 1962
026.  stereo slides--Bedford; birds outside our porch, Spring 1962
027.  stereo slides--Franklin, red blueberry grounds; R & E walking on shore, October 1962
028.  stereo slides--at Gladys for dinner; party at Mabel Viherts & Bea A.; Browns; our house, 1962-1963
029.  stereo slides--BIG snow; grosbeaks; Mimi on skis; pictures of all (annuals?); me in new coat, January 1963
030.  stereo slides--Nydrie, VA, mint spring and colt; in the van and colt; dramatic sky, April 1963
031.  stereo slides--Virginia: Japanese motel, Rockefellers', grosbeaks at photographer's, February-May 1963
032.  stereo slides--Virginia: Eisenhower's home, Tuckahoe, dog show, Skyline Drive, May 1963
033.  stereo slides--Charlottesville gardens, horse show at Birdwood, May 1963
034.  stereo slides--Independence Day in Athens; SS EGNOTIA ferry from Brindin to Patias, March 25, 1964
035.  stereo slides--aboard the SS Atlantic to Lisbon; the Neals, March 1964
036.  stereo slides--Portugal trip, March 1964
037.  stereo slides--Crete & Knossos; Leghorn, Spring 1964
038.  stereo slides--Athens, Agora, Myconos, March-April 1964
039.  stereo slides--Athens, Myconos, April 1964
040.  stereo slides--Greece, April 1964
041.  stereo slides--Greece, April 1964
042.  stereo slides--Rhodes, Lindos, Patmos, Halicarnassus; Turkey, Spring 1964
043.  stereo slides--Rome (Borghese Gardens), Venice, Florence, April 1964
044.  stereo slides--Barcelona, Spring 1964
045.  stereo slides--summer Mt. Desert Island, Summer 1964
046.  stereo slides--Jones Pond, Schoodic, March 1965
047.  stereo slides--Batchelder, big fall and winter snow, March 1965
048.  stereo slides--Anna Livia four days before death, March 17, 1966
049.  stereo slides--Central Park, children's zoo, April 3, 1966
050.  stereo slides--Lobster fishing with Luther, 1966
051.  stereo slides--Berenice Abbott, Matinicus, Pa M's banana blossom, Polly Richards & Marjorie Spock (Dr. Spock’s sister) with goats, September-October 1966
052.  stereo slides--Christmas, Jacque & Giant (cat & dog), frozen brook, Eric & Marianne's house, Winter 1966
053.  stereo slides--misc.: Somes Sound, Fernold's Point, Stonington, Grindstone, Southwest Harbor, etc., Winter 1966-1967
054.  stereo slides--spring Schoodic & rocks, Spring 1967
055.  stereo slides--Montreal Xpo, May 1967
056.  stereo slides--World Expo, Montreal, Canada, 1967
057.  stereo slides--sculpture at World Expo, Montreal, 1967
058.  stereo slides--Montreal Xpo, 1967
059.  stereo slides--Christmas, Berenice Abbott, Marjorie Spock, Schoodic, Jake & Giant (cat & dog), home, 1967
060.  stereo slides--CH studio sculpture, UMaine Gallery, 1967-1968
061.  stereo slides--Schoodic Mountain, February 1969
062.  stereo slides--frog puddle, pets & house, Spring 1969
063.  stereo slides--Sugarloaf, 1969
064.  slides--Bernard Langlais, December 1969
065.  slides--Christmas, tree, Jake, skating at ponderosa and North Sullivan, ME, 1969-1970
066.  slides--pets Giant, Jake and Pogo; snowstorms, 1970-1971
067.  slides--MA, VT, DC, PA, DE, April-November 1970
068.  slides--Grand Manan, Prince Edward Island; Pogo, August-September 1970
069.  stereo slides--Giant & Jake in snowy woods; Call of Atlantic, undated- ca. early 1970s
070.  stereo slides--our house, undated-ca. early 1970s
071.  stereo slides--miscellaneous home, undated
072.  stereo slides--UMM, 1971
073.  stereo slides--Monteux sculpture, 1971
074.  slides--winter; Nantucket; Machias & Seal Island; gardens at home, 1970-1971
075.  stereo slides--Beverly Hassam, Andover show, May 1971
076.  stereo slides--Seal Island, New Brunswick, June 1971
077.  stereo slides--Seal Island, New Brunswick, 1971
078.  stereo slides--daisies at puddle; house; sculptures--Monteux, 1971
079.  stereo slides--Giant, Gaby, Balloon, 1972-1973
080.  slides--mostly Maine, 1971-1973, 1977
081.  stereo slides--Summer 1974
082.  slides--Maine, California, Greece, ca. 1974
083.  slides--Metropolitan Museum exhibit, 1975
084.  slides--Bernard Langlais sculpture, 1975
085.  stereo slides--Thuya Garden--Mt. Desert Isle; at Jane Daggert's in Corea, 1976
086.  slides--mostly Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL , 1976
087.  slides--April 1976, unlabeled, 1976
088.  stereo slides--1976
089.  stereo slides--Robert & Caitlin Shetterly; ice chest move; Gambolt, Sweetie Pie, Christmas, 1977
090.  stereo slides--Chenoweth Hall sculpture show, UMaine Orono, 1979
091.  slides--Buckminster Fuller, UMM Commencement; Prospect Harbor church; dogs; Jekyll Island, 1973-1979
092.  slides--Chenoweth Hall sculpture show at UMaine Orono, January 1986
093.  slides--Greece, Crete, Minos palace, frescoes, undated

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