Clifford-Flanders Family Collection, circa 1852-1989

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Volume: 3.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized into the following five series:
I. Family history, biographical material and documents 1852-1989
II. Writings, reviews and certificates 1892-1987
III. Correspondence 1885-1989
IV. Photographs ca. 1837-1986
V. Memorabilia 1897-1987

Biographical Note: Spanning three generations of the Clifford-Flanders family, this collection centers around the lives and work of New Hampshire author Mollie Lee Clifford (nee Mary Jane Lehee/Lee), her daughter, Margaret Clifford Flanders and her granddaughter, Marion Flanders, with materials pertaining to the years 1852 to 1989. 

Mary Jane Lee (later known as Mollie Lee) had the distinction of being the only child born on Londoner's Island (also known as Lunjen and now Lunging Island) in the Isles of Shoals, a group of eleven islands situated in both Maine and New Hampshire. She was born Mary Jane Lehee, the seventh and last child to Thomas and Mary Lehee in 1865. (The family name was later shortened to Lee.) Mollie was much younger than her siblings and therefore very much alone on the island, roaming its beaches, befriending its creatures and relying on her imagination to amuse her. Being a very religious Shoals fisherman with extensive knowledge of the Bible, her father Thomas preached from Pulpit Rock to fishermen in their boats. Although he had little education and the family lived in a one-room shack with a loft, Lehee managed to buy Lunging Island at some point during their time there. 

In a biographical account of the grandmother she never knew, Mollie Lee's young granddaughter Marion Flanders describes Mollie's solitary childhood and her good fortune to have the generous, inspiring attention of neighboring Appledore Island poet Celia Thaxter. Thaxter gave the young Mollie books, trinkets, ribbons and even pets, including a homing pigeon and a young bear, and it was she who inspired young Mollie to learn to read and write. Mollie composed her first poem at the age of six, the subject of which was the death of a pet hen, a precursor to her later writings that often focused on her love of animals. 

In 1872, when Mollie was seven years old, she and her family moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where she enrolled in school for what was to become a very brief education. At the age of 12, Mollie's mother died and the young student was forced to leave school and go to work to earn her own living. From then on she took up her own literacy education, reading voraciously from the library in order to learn the rules of grammar and writing, gravitating initially toward writing poems and plays. 

In 1873, the year after the family left Lunging Island, an infamous double-murder took place on neighboring Smuttynose Island. The murderer had visited the Lee home and the event so captivated Mollie Lee that in 1901 she wrote a detailed handwritten account, partially based upon the 1875 description written by Celia Thaxter and informed by her own unique perspective of having been acquainted with both the Norwegian victims and the Prussian perpetrator. 

On April 24, 1889, at the age of 24, Mollie Lee married Henry H. Clifford (1862- 1943) of Dover, son of Stuart Clifford (1805-1887) and Margaret A. Hawkins Clifford (1828-1914). A local news clipping described Clifford as one of Dover's enterprising young business men. The couple made their home at 60 Hill Street, Dover, New Hampshire, and Henry Clifford served as the town's tax assessor. Mollie Lee was able to resume her education to some extent. She wrote many poems and plays, and her first drama was presented in 1890 at the Washington Street Church in Dover. This was the start of a successful string of theatrical productions mounted in the local area, including "Kitty's Triumph" in 1982 and "Uneta" in 1893, both of which were cataloged into the Library of Congress. 

In 1894 Henry and Mollie welcomed a daughter, Margaret Martha Clifford. While Margaret was still young Mollie Lee completed a story-writing course through the National Press Association of Indianapolis, Indiana, receiving a certificate in 1903. She wrote a great many short stories in subsequent years, and in 1906 both of Mollie Lee's full-length works of fiction were published by H. M. Caldwell Company in their Animal Autobiography Series. Yoppy: the Autobiography of a Monkey was soon followed by Polly: the Autobiography of a Parrot, and both books were written in the voice of the animal and detailed accounts of their mistreatment at the hands of humans. In addition to these published works, Mollie Lee Clifford often wrote in the voice of her cat, Trudy, especially in letters to her mother, called Nana. 

Their daughter Margaret was educated at Plymouth Normal School and became a schoolteacher in Newmarket, New Hampshire. In March of 1918 she married Earl Flanders, originally of Goffstown and son of Marion Seavey Flanders and Edgar H. Flanders. Earl Flanders was mechanical arts teacher at Dover High School and later a teacher of mathematics at New Hampshire Technical Institute in Portsmouth. In April of 1918, one month after her daughter's wedding, Mollie Lee Clifford died. Her husband Henry Clifford then married Alice T. Clifford (her maiden name) in June of 1919. 

In 1920, Margaret and Earl Flanders had a daughter, Marion Lee Flanders, and the young family resided at 60 Hill Street, Dover, while Henry and Alice Clifford lived next door in a two-unit home at 62-64 Hill Street. Henry also owned residential and commercial properties in Dover. The Flanders and Cliffords spent time at the Flanders family lakeside retreat called Camp Wildwood on Lake Nippo in Barrington, NH, as well as summers at York Beach in Maine during the 1930s and '40s. During the early 1940s Margaret did a great deal of genealogical research in her pursuit of inclusion in the Daughters of the American Revolution. Marion Flanders attended Dover, NH schools and participated in school plays. During World War II, she worked as a clerk at the War Department, Office of Post Engineer at Camp Langdon, NH. During that time she corresponded with a number of friends and boyfriends, but ultimately she made the conscious decision not to marry. Margaret Clifford Flanders died in 1989. Marion Lee Flanders died in 2000.

Description: This collection contains biographical and genealogical material, writings, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia. 

The first series consists of biographical information and birth, marriage, death and estate records, as well as a good deal of genealogical research on the Clifford, Lee, Hawkins and Flanders families (mostly performed by Margaret Clifford Flanders) with additional minimal information on the DeMerritt and Came lines. Of particular interest is the 1989 (Isles of) Shoals "Jingle" program that offers valuable biographical information on Mollie Lee Clifford, her daughter and granddaughter. 

The writing series contains poems, plays, stories, essays and books by author Mollie Lee Clifford (nee Mary Jane Lehee/Lee) and a few items by her granddaughter Marion Flanders and others. Notable among the writings of Mollie Lee Clifford is her 1901 detailed handwritten account of the infamous 1873 Smuttynose Island murders from her unique perspective of having been personally acquainted with the victims and the murderer. Particularly illuminating is granddaughter Marion's biographical sketch of Mollie Lee's childhood and early literary life. 

Correspondence in the collection includes many letters by Mollie Lee Clifford, some to her husband Henry H. Clifford and most to her daughter Margaret in 1913, as well as a few other letters from and to Margaret Clifford Flanders. More than half of the correspondence series, however, is comprised of WWII letters to Marion Flanders from various friends and boyfriends along with a small amount of later correspondence. 

The collection also includes a wealth of photographic images, composed nearly entirely of black and white images from the first half of the 20th century.

The memorabilia series contains personal and family items such as the log/guest book for the Flanders' family camp on Lake Nippo in Barrington, New Hampshire (1932-1944); Marion Flanders' Dover, New Hampshire, schooling records, her local theater scripts and programs and her wartime work documents.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Clifford-Flanders Family Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:

I. Family history, biographical material and documents 1852-1989

001.  Clifford coat of arms, undated
002.  Hawkins/Clifford/Flanders family Bible record, undated
003.  Hawkins/Clifford early genealogy notes, undated
004.  Hawkins military history notes, undated
005.  Clifford genealogy notes, undated
006.  Clifford family tree sketch, undated
007.  Family history reference books page notations, undated
008.  Clifford family history -- correspondence between Margaret Flanders and Ida Gammons, undated
008a.  Clifford family history -- correspondence between Margaret Clifford Flanders DAR papers and supporting genealogical research, undated
009.  Clifford family tree, created 1952 by H.P. Moore, undated
010.  Alice T. Clifford genealogy, undated
011.  Margaret Clifford Flanders' genealogical notes, ca. 1954
012.  NEHGS letter Margaret Clifford Flanders re: Clifford family history, 1954
013.  Letter to Margaret Clifford Flanders from Mary P.  re: Clifford family history, 1962
014.  Clipping "A Corner in Ancestors -- the Lee Family" by Eleanor Lexington, undated
015.  Letter to Margaret C. Flanders re: Isles of Shoals history, 1953
016.  Flanders coat of arms and family history, undated
017.  Booklet, "The Flanders Family from Europe to America", 1932
018.  Came (Kaime) family history, undated
019.  DeMeritt genealogy, undated
020.  "Silent Hostess: Molly Lee Clifford" (1865-1918) in Shoals "Jingle" program, 1989
021.  News clipping "Her First Literary Effort Made at Six" re: Mollie Lee Clifford, undated
022.  Marriage announcements and certificate, Mary Jane (Mollie) Lee and Henry H. Clifford, 1889
023.  Margaret Clifford passport application, 1917
024.  Henry H. Clifford's cemetery receipt for grave of Mrs. Stuart Clifford (mother), 1918
025.  Marriage certificate Margaret M. Clifford to Earl S. Flanders, 1918
026.  Marriage certificate Henry H. Clifford to Alice T. Clifford, 1919
027.  News clipping re: Henry H. Clifford's sale of "one of the Isles of Shoals" to Leighton Bros., ca. 1890
028.  Will of Henry H. Clifford, 1940
029.  Estate of Alice T. Clifford correspondence, 1952
030.  Obituary of Earl S. Flanders, 1978
031.  Death certificates copies -- Earl S. Flanders, 1978
032.  Estate of Earl S. Flanders documents, 1978
033.  Death certificate, Margaret Clifford Flanders, 1989
034.  Estate of Margaret Clifford Flanders documents, 1989

II. Writings, reviews and certificates 1892-1987

001.  Play cover "Kitty's Triumph" by Mrs. Mary J. Clifford, entered into Library of Congress, 1892
002.  2 Library of Congress certificates for "Kitty's Triumph" and "Uneta", 1893
003.  News clipping -- review of "Kitty's Triumph" play by Mrs. H. H. Clifford, undated
004.  News clippings -- reviews of "Uneta" play by Mrs. H. H. Clifford, undated
005.  Notebook with account of 1873 Smuttynose Murders by Mollie Lee Clifford, 1901
006.  Story Writing Course Diploma--Mary J. (Mollie Lee) Clifford from the National Press Association, 1903
007.  News clippings re: Yoppy, the Autobiography of a Monkey, 1906
008.  News clippings re: Polly, the Autobiography of a Parrot, 1906
009.  Poetry by MLC for husband Henry H. Clifford, 1905
009a.  Poem by MLC for husband Henry H. Clifford, 1905
010.  Letter to Nana from MLC in voice of cat Trudy, 1910
011.  Poem by MLC "Our Queen Uncrowned -- To Julia Ward Howe", undated
012.  Poem by MLC for brother John Lee, ca 1905
013.  Poem "Heart's Dearest" from MLC to husband Henry H. Clifford, undated
014.  Poem "As They Go Marching On", undated
015.  Poem "Hezekiah's Snare", undated
016.  Poem "O, Heart Afflicted", undated
017.  Poem "In the Hour of Sunset" (2 HW copies), undated
018.  Poem "The Passing of the G.A.R." (3 copies), undated
019.  Poem "That Little Old Brick Church Upon the Hill", undated
020.  Poem "That Dear Old Schoolhouse Where I Went to School", undated
021.  Poem "Visions of Sir Downfall", undated
022.  Poems by MLC (handwritten), ca 1905-1915
023.  Poems by MLC (typewritten), ca 1905-1915
024.  Story "Jacky's Man" by MLC, undated
025.  Story "Marguerite's Scarifice" signed "Viola Marlow", undated
026.  Story "Phil's Circus" signed "Viola Marlow" and "Mary L.  Clifford", undated
027.  Story "A Memorable Christmas" by MLC, undated
028.  Story "From Ocean's Depths" by MLC, undated
029.  Story "The Highest Sphere" by MLC, undated
030.  Story "Willful Pauline" by MLC, undated
031.  Story "Margaret's Bracelet" by MLC in Every Other Sunday, 1903
032.  Story "Peggy's Bed" by MLC in Every Other Sunday, 1905
033.  Article "Hard Life of a Monkey" by MLC, Boston Globe, 1906
034.  Story "A Trip to Dreamland" by MLC for daughter Marty, ca 1910-1913
035.  Story "A Memorable Fourth" by MLC for National Press Association course (draft & partial rewrite), undated
036.  Story "Herbert Clifton's Sacrifice" by MLC, undated
037.  Folder "Verses, Wise and Otherwise" collection of poems, stories, songs, undated
038.  Essay "How the Heart Marinda Came Into Being", undated
039.  Essay fragment re: concert (in Cuba?), undated
040.  Essay "Fish!", undated
041.  Fragment re: money and wives, undated
042.  List "Don'ts and Does for Inmates of Rosedale", undated
043.  Life story of MLC by granddaughter Marion Flanders, with daughter Margaret C.  Flanders, undated
044.  Essay "A Visit to my Grandparents" by Marion Flanders (unsigned), undated
045.  Typescript of paper by Anne Wentworth Baer for Northern Colonists' Field Day, 1931/1937
046.  Tombstone epitaph (author unknown), undated
047.  Typescript by Sarah Hamilton of Dover, NH, 1936-1937
048.  Poem by Prudence Randall, 1987

III.  Correspondence 1885-1989

001.  Henry H. Clifford letter to his mother, 1885
001a.  Letter to MLC from cousin Harry Hawkins, 1905
002.  Letters from MLC to various, 1906, 1909
003.  Letters from MLC to Nana as Trudy the Cat, 1911
005.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty") N.D., undated
006.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), Jan.  1913
007.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), Feb.  1913
008.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), March 1913
009.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), April 1913
010.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), May 1913
011.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), June 1913
012.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), Oct. 1913
013.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), Nov. 1913
014.  Letters from MLC to daughter Margaret ("Marty"), Dec. 1913
015.  Partial letters from MLC to unknown, 1913
016.  Note with addresses and envelope, undated
017.  Teacher recommendation for Margaret Clifford, 1914
018.  2 letters from MLC to Maude, 1917, undated
019.  Letter from Lindy Rogers to Margaret Clifford Flanders, 1941
020.  Letters from Rev.  Frank B. Crandall and Doris Crandall to Margaret Clifford Flanders, 1931-1974
021.  Unsigned letter from "Field Worker" to Charles White, 1937
022.  Correspondence b/w Margaret Clifford Flanders and Edward C. Kemp, attorney, 1952-1953
023.  Note from Rosamond Thaxter to Margaret C. Flanders, 1957
024.  Letter to Margaret C. Flanders re: J. Lee, 1957
025.  Request for information re: Londoners Island, undated
026.  Letter "Hello, Mary..." re: wedding, unsigned, undated
027.  Letter to Marion Flanders from Maude Stevenson, 1930
028.  Letter to parents from Marion Flanders at camp, 1934
029.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1938
030.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1939
031.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1939
032.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1939
033.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1939
034.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1939
035.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1940
036.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1942
037.  Letters to Marion Flanders from E. G. Brown ("Gerry"), 1943
038.  Letter from Marion Flanders to E. G. Brown ("Gerry") ?, ca. 1939-1943
039.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Dick (R.A.H.), 1941, undated
040.  Letters to Marion Flanders from CapT. Howie W.  Feindel, 1942, undated
041.  Letters to Marion Flanders from William Beneway ("Bill"), ca. 1942
042.  Letters to Marion Flanders from William Beneway ("Bill"), ca. 1942
043.  Letters to Marion Flanders from LieuT. Levin A.  Miksch ("Mike"), 1942
044.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Andy Tomasi, 1942, 1943
045.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Roderic Varney ("Rod"), 1943
046.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Roderic Varney ("Rod"), 1943
047.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Roderic Varney ("Rod"), 1944
048.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Roderic Varney ("Rod"), 1944
049.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Roderic Varney ("Rod"), 1944
050.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Charlie, Boston, MA, 1943, undated
051.  Letters to Marion Flanders from Georgia F.  Hunt, 1944
052.  Letters to Marion Flanders from William H. Bell, 1943
053.  Letters to Marion Flanders from others, 1939
054.  Letters to Marion Flanders from others, 1942
055.  Letters to Marion Flanders from others, 1943
056.  Letters to Marion Flanders from others, 1944, undated
057.  Cards, etc.  to Marion Flanders, undated
058.  Note re: gift of gloves, probably to Marion Flanders, undated
059.  To "Sis" from "Pete", undated
060.  Fragment to Marion Flanders, undated
061.  Letter from Marion Shapleigh to Gerard Gaudreau, 1951
062.  Postcard from Margaret and Marion Flanders to Earl Flanders, 1966
063.  To Marion Flanders from others, 1988
064.  To Marion Flanders from Laurie Allen-Mitchell, 1988
065.  To Marion Flanders from Prue, 1988, undated
066.  To Marion Flanders from Barbara, 1989
067.  Christmas card from the Zetterbegs, undated

IV.  Photographs ca. 1837-1986

001.  MLC's mother (2 photos), 1913, undated
002.  5 negatives in Lothrop & Pinkham envelope of "Nana", labeled by MLC, undated
003.  5 photos of MLC, undated
004.  Possibly MLC in Henry Clifford's mother's house, undated
005.  Clifford family homestead, Southampton, undated
006.  Hawkins-Clifford family photos, undated
007.  Hawkins-Clifford family photos--Alice Clifford, 1881
008.  Hawkins-Clifford family photos--Jane Hawkins, Harry Hawkins, undated
009.  Hawkins-Clifford family photos--Clifford, Phillips, Briggs, undated
010.  Hawkins-Clifford family photos--Ethel Worcester & parents, undated
011.  Unlabeled early portraits, undated
012.  Unlabeled early portraits, undated
013.  Unlabeled early portraits, undated
014.  Unlabeled early portraits, undated
015.  Unlabeled black & white photos, undated
016.  Unlabeled black & white photos, undated
018.  Negatives, undated
019.  Clifford gravestone--color, undated
020.  3 black & white house images, undated
021.  Henry Clifford & friend photo postcard to daughter Margaret, undated
022.  Cuba, Florida and Georgia photos, undated
023.  G.F. Clifford Grocer, undated
024.  Portrait--Margaret Clifford?, undated
025.  Front porch photos (2 copies); Henry, Mollie and Margaret, undated
026.  Margaret Stewart Martin, classmate of Margaret Clifford, undated
027.  Nellie Muldoon, Margaret Clifford's roomate at Plymouth, undated
028.  Young Margaret Clifford with classmates, 1908, undated
029.  Various Margaret Clifford, Earl Flanders, Henry Clifford and friends, 1908, undated
030.  Various Margaret Clifford, Earl Flanders, Henry Clifford and friends, plus negatives, undated
031.  Various Margaret Clifford, Earl Flanders, Henry Clifford and friends, undated
032.  Various Margaret Clifford, Earl Flanders, Henry Clifford and friends, undated
033.  Negatives--mostly York, undated
034.  3 photos--possibly Margaret Clifford as teacher, undated
035.  Rural photos, ca. 1925
036.  Rural photos, ca. 1925
037.  Rural photos, ca. 1925
038.  Rural photos, ca. 1925
039.  Portrait of Staples sisters, titled "Waiting for Mollie", undated
040.  Labeled portraits--probably non-family, undated
041.  Labeled portraits & others--probably non-family, undated
042.  Family pets, animals, undated
043.  House interior photos, undated
044.  "Uncle Henry's House", postcard from Harry (Dorchester, MA) to Henry, Mollie, Margaret & Henry's mother, 1910
045.  "Old Freeman House", undated
046.  Starting Bell Haven ACB & TRB--early, undated
047.  Juniper Park, York, ME lot map, labeled "Property of Earl Flanders, 60 Hill Street, Dover, NH" on back, undated
048.  1986 aerial photo, place unknown, undated
049.  Photo album, Clifford family; Margaret as a young girl, undated
050.  2 photo albums, unlabeled (Margaret & Earl), undated
051.  Photo album, unlabeled (Margaret, Earl and friends), undated

V.  Memorabilia 1897-1987

001.  Receipt to Henry Clifford from E. Morrill Furniture Co., 1897
002.  Mrs. Henry H. Clifford calling card, undated
003.  New clipping re: births on Isles of Shoals, undated
004.  Article re: Isles of Shoals in Sunday Herald, 1907
005.  Ticket stub for Isles of Shoals Steamship Co. to Star Island, undated
006.  Monetary note from Eastern Europe, 1909
007.  Boston Sunday Post clippings, 1910
008.  Meader's Flower shop envelope and card with Bible verse, unsigned, undated
009.  Program--senior class play "The Bishop's Suit" with MLC's marginalia, 1913
010.  Review in Foster's Daily Democrat of "The Bishop's Suit", 1913
011.  Earl Flanders' hospital bill, 1926
012.  Clipping--Earl Flanders' accident, undated
013.  Recipes typed on E. H. Flanders & Son stationery, undated
014.  Guest book for Flanders' estate "Camp Wildwood" on Lake Nippo in Barrington, NH, 1932-1944
015.  List of North River Pond and Bow Lake residents, undated
016.  Business card for Perkins' Camp and Cottages, Barrington, NH, undated
017.  Appointment card--Flanders with Dr. Orrin Fernald, undated
018.  Form--State of NH Department of Revenue Administration, undated
019.  Envelope address to Mr.  and Mrs. Earl Flanders from the Hawthorne Hotel, undated
020.  Phone number and address notes, undated
021.  Marion Flanders' baby book with enclosures (hair, announcement), 1920
022.  Marion Flanders' autograph book (1930-1932), 1930-1932
023.  Marion Flanders' diploma--ST. John Methodist Church School, 1931
024.  Marion Flanders' autograph book from Camp Westmore girl scout camp, 1934
025.  Marion Flanders' composition book, undated
026.  Poem fragment with Marion's playwright matching game, undated
027.  Music sheet fragments, undated
028.  Music recital program--David Kushios School of Music, 1934
029.  Hand-illustrated sheet "Indian Signs", undated
030.  Marion Flanders' Red Cross card, 1935
031.  Marion Flanders' translation notes, undated
032.  Marion Flanders' class schedule, undated
033.  Marion Flanders' statistics notebook, undated
034.  Marion Flanders' Dover School DepT. grade promotion cards, 1931-1934
035.  "Order of Recitations" Dover High School, 1934-1935
036.  Marion Flanders' report cards, 1926-1937
037.  Marion Flanders' Dover High School report slip, 1937
038.  Marion Flanders' graduation cards, 1938
039.  Marion Flanders' graduation programs, 1936, 1938
040.  Dover High School Program of Studies, 1936-1937
041.  Marion Flanders' 50th Reunion booklet, Dover High School Class of 1938, 1988
042.  Marion Flanders' UNH report card, 1939-1940
043.  Script "The Family Altar", undated
044.  Marion Flanders' script "The Soul of a Violin", undated
045.  Marion Flanders' script "The Tenant", undated
046.  Marion Flanders' script "Christmas Dolls for Sale", undated
047.  Program "Mrs. Tubbs of Shantytown", Marion Flanders as Miss Maydell Campbell, 1934
048.  Program for "Keep Mum, Chum!", undated
049.  Marion Flanders' script "Honest Peggy," part of Aunt Celia, undated
050.  Marion Flanders' programs--Perkins Prize Speaking Contests, undated
051.  Marion Flanders' receipt for racoon coat, undated
052.  Marion Flanders' expense record, undated
053.  LT. (J. G.) F.  S. Stiles ID tag fragment, undated
054.  The Harbor Defender newspaper, 1942
055.  Portsmouth, NH Herald newspaper fragment (v.18 no.163), undated
056.  "The ***Bunk! Freedom of the Press" newsletter, undated
057.  Marion Flanders' war department documents, 1943, 1944
058.  Marion Flanders' war savings bond, undated
059.  Smuttynose clippings -- Boston Sunday Post, 1/21/1945, and The Portsmouth Herald, 3/3/1973
060.  News article photocopy--"Appalling Calamity" re: Strafford County poor farm & asylum fire, 1893
061.  Newsletter "The Davit" Portsmouth Power Squadron, 1966
062.  Research for "The Mills Come to Dover", 6-part article by Richard Jordan, Jr.  , ca. 1986
063.  "The Mills Come to Dover", part 1 of 6, in Foster's Daily Democrat/Foster's Showcase by Richard Jordan, Jr., 1987
064.  "The Mills Come to Dover", part 3 of 6, in Foster's Daily Democrat/Foster's Showcase by Richard Jordan, Jr., 1987
065.  "The Mills Come to Dover", part 4 of 6, in Foster's Daily Democrat/Foster's Showcase by Richard Jordan, Jr., 1987
066.  "The Mills Come to Dover", part 5 of 6, in Foster's Daily Democrat/Foster's Showcase by Richard Jordan, Jr., 1987
067.  "The Mills Come to Dover", part 6 of 6, in Foster's Daily Democrat/Foster's Showcase by Richard Jordan, Jr., 1987
068.  Green ribbon bow, undated
069.  York area surveyor's lot map, undated
069.  Portland Telegram Gazette page 1933-OVS Box 2, undated


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