Dahlov Ipcar Papers, 1966-2005

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Volume: 1.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series.

Biographical Note: Dahlov Ipcar was born in 1917, daughter of the artists Marguerite and William Zorach. In 1923, the family bought a farm in Robinhood Village, near Georgetown, Maine, where Ipcar continues to live today, still creating joyous and compelling works. Although educated at progressive New York City schools and Oberlin College, Ipcar was essentially self-taught as an artist. She considers herself an artist first, and then a writer, and is best known for her colorful, kaleidoscopic paintings of the jungle and other natural scenes.

Ipcar has published dozens of illustrated children's books, and several fantasy books for young adults, including A Dark Horn Blowing and The Queen of Spells. Some of her better-known children's books include Lobsterman (a Maine favorite), One Horse Farm, Calico Jungle, A Flood of Creatures, and Brown Cow Farm: A Counting Book. Long-time supporters of the arts in Maine, Ipcar and her husband received the Maine State Award from the Maine Commission of Arts and Humanities in 1972. Ipcar has also received honorary degrees from the University of Maine, Colby, and Bates College, as well as the Deborah Morton Award from Westbrook College in 1978. In 1986 she received the Living Legacy Award from the Central Maine Area Agency on the Aging, and in 1998 she was honored with the prestigious Kerlan Award for her children's books.

The Ipcars have chosen to live out of the mainstream, but have always made their home open to the artist community, and raised two sons, Robert and Charlie. A major retrospective of Ipcar's work was held at the Portland Museum of Art from October 6, 2001- January 27, 2002, concurrent with a retrospective of her parents' artwork.

Description: This collection includes drafts and publication material relating to Ipcar's 1990 collection of fantasy short stories, The Nightmare and Her Foal. Also in the collection are articles and essays by and about the author (including a draft of her autobiography for the Gale Dictionary of Literary Biography), art exhibit catalogs, and notecards designed and signed by Ipcar. There are also several original works of art by Ipcar, which are on display in the Maine Women Writers Collection.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Dahlov Ipcar Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:

001.  Bibliography
002.  Photographs - 9 color interior views of Ipcar home
002a.  1966 Westbrook Junior College exhibit - Photographs
003.  Hugh Gourley to Dorothy Healy, 2/24/1982
004.  Hugh Gourley address, 10/22/1986
005.  Resumes
006.  Reviews - Art exhibits, 1966-1986
007.  Reviews - Books, 1972-1990
008.  "Something About the Author" article, 1987
009.  "Something About the Author" - Autobiography series, 1989
009a.  "Something About the Author" - Autobiography series typescript
010.  Margaret Hammel article in Down East Magazine, April 1974
011.  Maine Life, April 1978
012.  Maine Life, Sept. 1980
013.  "Looking at a Kaleidoscope Through the Artist's Eye" [article by Ipcar], Christian Science Monitor, 12/12/1985
014.  Artists in Maine, Summer 1986
014a.  Portland Monthly Magazine, Sept. 1994
015.  My Wonderful Christmas Tree - advertisement (photocopy), 1986
016.  Exhibit catalog: Zorach, 1979
017-018.  Exhibit catalogs, calendars, and promotional materials, 1963-1990
019.  Note and postcards
019a.  Signed greeting cards
019b.  1984 Maine pocket calendar
020.  Correspondence to Dorothy Healy (20 letters), 1974-1989
020a.  Correspondence with publishers
021.  DZI to Frances Peabody, 4/15/1981
022.  Correspondence to Brad Daziel, 1991-93
023.  Patricia Davidson Reef to Dorothy Healy re: book signing party, 1987
024.  Mailing labels
025.  Dahlov Ipcar, Artist - publication party
026-028.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Letters to publisher and agent; promotional materials 1989-90
029-033.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Typescripts
034.  Nightmare and Her Foal: News release
035.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Early drafts
036a-c.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Discards and drafts
037.  "The New Mainiacs" - Typed and pencil drafts
038.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Early typed drafts
039.  Typed drafts for "Tribute" and "Far Pasture" [which were the basis for novel Queen of Spells]
040.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Early typed drafts
041a-v.  Nightmare and Her Foal: Early drafts
042.  "Dahlov Ipcar's Animal Kingdom" by Clyda Gagnon, 1996
043.  Exhibit postcards, 1996-2000 (3 items)
044.  Newspaper articles, 1998-2000
045.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Notes, Bookflaps, and Correspondence
046.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Contents, Author's Note, and Part I Ch. 1 The Cow
047.  A Dark Horn Blowing Drafts: Part I The Castle, Ch. 2-11
048.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Part II The Spells, Ch. 12-23
049.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Part III Departing, Ch. 24-35
050.  A Dark Horn Blowing:Original MSS: Letter from publisher (1978) and cover art
051. A Dark Horn Blowing: Original MSS: Letter from Ipcar to Viking editor (1976)
052.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Original MSS: Letter from publisher, title page, author's note, and contents
053.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Original MSS: Ch.1-10
054.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Original MSS: Ch. 11-20
055.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Original MSS: Ch. 21-30
056.  A Dark Horn Blowing: Original MSS: Ch. 31-35
057.  Short Stories: Notes and content list
058.  Short Stories: Stories 1-4 ("Black and Bluely," "The Bird That Flew Over the Ocean," "The Nightmare and her Foal," "The Skin Horse")
059.  Short Stories: Stories 5-8 ("Llude Sing Cuckoo," I Wandered Today to the Hill Maggie," "Emmett," "What Dreams May Come")
060.  Short Stories: Stories 9-12 ("Gold and Silver Sets You Free," "The Hunting of Cutty Wren," "Glass Eden," "The Milk White Mirror")
061.  Short Stories: Stories 13-16 ("The Game of Truth or Consequences," "The New Mainiacs," "A Day to Remember," "Birch Grove")
062.  Exhibition postcard, undated