Ethel Godfrey Loud Collection

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Volume: 1.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series.

Biographical Note: Ethel Godfrey was born in Bangor, Maine to John Edwards and Laura Godfrey. She attended Bangor High School, where she distinguished herself as one of the top students in her class. In 1896 she won a ten dollar gold piece from the Elks for writing the best essay on charity. She was also the literary editor of the Oracle, Bangor High School's paper. She graduated in 1896 and then attended Smith College, graduating in 1901 with a B.L. She wrote travel articles for the Bangor Daily Commercial from 1907 called "From a Bangor Girl in Naples." She was married to Herbert Richardson Loud.

Description: This collection contains travel diaries, photographs, letters; Smith College (class of 1901) memorabilia, as well as a memorial album for her husband.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Ethel Godfrey Loud Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:

001.  Autograph books, 1887-1888
002.  Diary, 1894
003.  Leather-bound diary,  1891-1894
004.  Correspondence,  1880s, 1890
005.  Dog license
006.  High school graduation program; prize essay clipping
007.  Smith College memorabilia
008.  History notebook
009.  Northampton newspaper clippings re: Smith College, 1900-1901
010.  Travel diaries, 1901-1902
011.  Travel diaries - Europe
012.  Passenger list, Brighton photographs, 1901
013.  Travel articles, 1907-1908 [clippings]
013a.  "From a Bangor Girl in Naples," May 1907
014.  Travel articles 1907-1908 [typescripts]
015.  ALS to EGL from Eleanor Parker Clarke, 8-18-1901
016.  Letter from Max Eastman to EGL, undated
017.  Letters from EGL to daughter Candace Sawyer, 1940-1941
018.  Daughter's letter, notes, 1941
019.  Holograph and typed essays
020.  Manuscripts / typescripts
021.  Mss "To the Youngest Orcutt" - poem written to celebrate the birth of Candace Sweat Orcutt, 4-22-1936
022.  Copybooks, [1930s?]
023.  Copybooks, 1950s
024a-e.  Memorial book for Herbert R. Loud, 1930s [original cover is in Box 34, folder 45]
025.  Christmas greeting, 1950s
026.  Reviews - The Journals of John Edwards Godfrey
027.  Framed photograph: EGL as a child
028.  Portraits of EGL as a child, mounted on board
029.  Portrait of Laura Schwartz Godfrey, ca. 1900
030.  Photographs of Ethel at Fern Ledge
031.  Studio portraits of EGL as a young woman
032.  Graduation photo, 1901
033.  Studio portrait of EGL and daughter Laura Godfrey Loud (Orcutt)
034.  Smith College class/club photographs
035.  3 mounted photos of Smith College dorm rooms
036.  Mounted photos of college life
037-039. Blue print album: Smith College 1901/Spring of '98
040a-f.  7 mounted photographs of dramatic performance of "Ralph Roister Doister," including EGL
041.  Bound copybook , 1940s
042.  Bound copybook , 1940s
043.  Copybook- inserts, 1940s [from folder 42]
044.  Cradle Songs of Many Nations
045.  Memorial book, 1930s [cover for contents in folder 13]
046.  Colored portrait of 9 or 10 year old Ethel, painted on pine board
047.  Smith College Class of 1901 photo, 27 x 35 cm. on board
048.  Smith College group photo, 14 x 34 cm. on board
049.  30 x 62 cm. frame with photo of Ethel, mother, and friend
050.  Paper fan with college-related cut-outs
051.  Diplomas: Bangor High, 1896; Smith College, 1901; University of Maine, 1909
052.  Graduation photograph [college?], hand-tinted