Florence Burrill Jacobs Papers, 1904-1976

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Volume: 7.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized into the following four series:
I. Biographical information
II. Correspondence
III. Writing
IV. Memorabilia
V. Notebook

Biographical Note: Born in 1898 to George and Ria Morrison Burrill, Florence Elizabeth Burrill was the fifth generation of her family to reside the family home in East Madison, Maine. She began writing verse at the age of six, but never considered herself an intellectual. Jacobs graduated East Madison High School in 1916, and then was a schoolteacher for several years. She took courses at Shaw's Business College in Portland, as well as at other schools, and worked for a time in the Farm Bureau Office in Skowhegan and in her father's store.

In 1928 she married George Jacobs, a high school industrial arts teacher, and the two continued to live in Madison. Jacobs began submitting her poetry for publication as a teenager and began making a career of writing in the 1930's. Her verse was published in many diverse publications ranging from Farm Journal to Saturday Evening Post, and appeared in numerous Hallmark greeting cards and gift books. Jacobs published two volumes of her poetry, Stones and Other Poems (1932) and Neighbors (1938), a book of witty sonnets about typical rural Maine characters.

In addition to poetry, for which she won many local and national awards, Jacobs wrote short stories and articles on agriculture, education, romance, and other topics. Jacobs belonged to a number of literary organizations, including the Poetry Society of America and the National League of American Pen Women Pine Tree Branch. She died in 1978, and was survived by her husband.

Description: This collection includes extensive files of Jacobs' manuscripts, both published and unpublished, as well as correspondence from publishers dating from the 1920s through the 1970s. Also in the collection is biographical information, including autobiographical notes, student essays about Jacobs, photographs and school-related notebooks and memorabilia. Material relating to literary organizations and poetry awards is found in folders 121-124. The collection also includes clippings and scrapbooks of Jacobs' published work, and many of the complete issues of these journals are housed in the MWWC Periodical Collection.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Florence Burrill Jacobs Papers, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:

I. Biographical Information
001.  Bio/bibliographic information
002.  Biographical information sheets
003.  Biographical sketch by Eleanor Walker, 1962
004.  Bibliographic notes
005.  Notes on health, diet, exercise
006.  Notes on education, teaching, poetry
007.  Birthday notes, 1973
008.  Student paper by Joyce Kandupa, 1974
009.  Student papers on FBJ
010.  Grace Dow/Dorothy M. Healy profiles of FBJ
011.  Lecture notes on FBJ - Priscilla Farington Schumacher
012.  High school reunion, 1976
013.  Burrell genealogy
014.  Report cards, 1904-1916
015.  FBJ school papers, ca. 1915
016.  Diary, 1910
017.  Composition book, ca. 1911
018.  Composition book, 1911-1912
019.  Skowhegan High School graduation invitation and yearbook, 1916
020.  Madison School Dept. appointment
021.  Election clerk certificate, 1924
022.  Hand-drawn map of Jacobs property
023.  Photographs, 1917-1970s
023a.  1928 wedding announcement
024.  FBJ to Elizabeth Rourke, 1960-1970s
025.  FBJ to William Dixon, 1960-1970s
026.  FBJ MWWC includes 1960 publication lists
027.  Prize letter, 1916
028.  ALS and TLS, 1900-1920s
029.  ALS and TLS, 1930s
030-031.  ALS and TLS, 1940s-1950s
031a.  Henry Beston concerning Neighbors
032.  ALS and TLS, 1960s
033.  Margaret Chase Smith to FBJ, 1960s
034.  Richard Aldridge/Florence Jacobs, 1960s
035.  ALS and TLS, 1970s

II. Correspondence

036.  Richard Badger re: Stones, 1930s
037.  Harpers 1940 re: Neighbors
038.  Correspondence from publishers, 1920s
039-040.  Correspondence from publishers, 1930s
041-042.  Correspondence from publishers, 1940s
043-044.  Correspondence from publishers, 1950s
045-046.  Correspondence from publishers, 1960s
046a.  Native Stock publication letters
047.  Hallmark correspondence/contracts, 1960s-1970s
048.  Publisher correspondence, 1970s
048a.  Bicentennial Commission correspondence
049.  Vermont Life, 1970s
050.  Vouchers
050a.  Literary rights
051.  Poetry - early verse, commonplace book
052.  Early Writing
053.  Poetry, 1912-1920s
053a.  Poetry, 1912-1916
054.  Greeting card verse, 1915-1920s
055.  Christmas song and story
056.  Neighbors - Proof
057.  Neighbors - Misc.  letters, reviews
058.  Harper catalog 1949
059-060.  Neighbors - Typescript with revisions
061.  Neighbors - First copies
062.  Published poetry
063.  Hallmark gift books
064.  Hallmark gift books
065.  Typescripts of published poetry

III. Writing

Includes material relating to appearances, and audience and reader responses.

066.  Poetry "Sold to Hallmark"
067.  Poetry "Sold to Lyric"
068.  Poetry published 1963-1966
069-071.  George Jacobs' inventory lists
072.  “Ridge Road” (Native Stock)
073.  “While Love Goes On”
074.  Occasional verse, contests
075-75a.  “Woodmen, Watermen”
076-80.  Unpublished poetry
081-83.  Published stories
084.  Published stories - "Charm" 1951-1952
085-86.  Typescripts of unpublished stories
087-96.  Typescripts of unpublished stories
097.  Unpublished(?) stories, poems
098.  "Jawnie" sketches and correspondence
099.  "The Petals are Fallen"
100-104.  Elizabeth Lettice correspondence and typescripts
105.  Epigrams, gag lines, cartoon ideas
106.  Epigrams, anecdotes
107-120.  Worksheets, notes, outlines

IV. Memorabilia

121.  Maine Poetry Fellowship "Swan Group" Round Robin
122.  Writers organization newsletters
122a.  American PEN Women - Pine Tree Branch
123-124.  Writing associations - correspondence, awards
125-126.  Biographical publications
127.  Drawings
128.  Writing guides
129.  Lecture notes for U. of Maine, Orono presentation, 7-29-54
130.  Correspondence with Ethel Harnden with music and verse
131.  Publication sales records in three black notebooks
132.  Commonplace book - favorite poems
133.  Poetry books - Robert Burns and Robert Service
134-140.  News clippings, 1916-1970
141.  Scrapbook pages, 1930-1970
142.  "The Mirror" Westbrook College publications
143.  Scrapbook pages
144.  "Rings on Her Finger" The Community Jeweler, May 1937
145.  Tearsheets, clippings
146.  Farm Bureau News typescripts, 1920-22
147.  Pamphlets w/ FBJ poems and articles, 1950s-60s
148.  The Bozart-Westminster, Oglethorpe University, Summer 1936
149.  True Romance stories, ca. 1961
150.  Bird notes and articles
151.  Down East calendar, 1963
153.  Framed silhouette of Rebecca Lancey Fuller [FBJ's great-grandmother]
154.  Brass lantern used by Ann McLaughlin, FBJ's grandmother
156.  "The Happy Mood" Hallmark poster
155.  White and blue wash basin and pitcher

V. Notebook

Clippings, memorabilia, correspondence.

157.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1910-1929
158.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1930-1939
159.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1940-1949
160.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1950-1955
161.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1956-1960
162.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1960-1964
163.  Notebook/scrapbook, 1965-1969
164.  Notebook/scrapbook memorabilia, undated

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