Gladys Hasty Carroll Collection, 1919-1999

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Volume: 3 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series.

Biographical Note: Born in 1904 in South Berwick, Maine, Gladys Hasty Carroll grew up and lived most of her life in the farmhouse her grandfather built during the Civil War in Dunnybrook. She attended Bates College, earning a B.A. in English in 1925 and an honorary degree in 1945. Her husband, Herbert A. Carroll was a psychologist, and because of his work the two lived in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and Minnesota, where she began to write magazine articles and books.

Her first novel was As The Earth Turns (1933), which was a Book-of-the-Month selection, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, and made into a feature length movie in 1934. The University of New Hampshire also awarded her an honorary master in arts in 1934. She wrote 26 books over her lifetime, including fiction, nonfiction, short stories, and children’s books. She is best known for her ability to capture a fading way of life among Maine’s rural farm communities. Inspired by her life at the farmhouse, Carroll also wrote Dunnybrook (1943), a fictional history and genealogy of South Berwick.

Other notable works include To Remember Forever 1922-1923 (1963), Only Fifty Years Ago (1962), and The Light Here Kindled (1967). She was on the Breadloaf staff; she took courses at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago; and Westbrook College honored her with the Deborah Morton Award for Distinguished Maine Women in 1987. In her later years, Carroll founded the Dunnybrook Historical Foundation of South Berwick. She died on April 1, 1999.

Description: The bulk of the manuscript material is correspondence with Burton Trafton, beginning in the late 1930s focusing on the years of World War II through 1990. There is also correspondence with Dorothy Healy exchanged during the 1980s. Other items in this collection are examples of the author's original typescripts with edits, critical reviews and acclamations, interviews, newspaper clippings, photographs of the author in her youth, copies of a newsletter series developed about her, printer’s dummy for Christmas Without Johnny, an uncorrected proof of Only Fifty Years Ago, and references to spinoffs from her literary works.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Gladys Hasty Carroll Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:
001.  ALS to Greta Kerr 7-26-1934
002.  ALS to E.  Y.  Blewett (WJC president) 5-17-1959; copy of 4-15-1959 Blewett letter
003.  ALS to Harry Goodwin (Westbrook Seminary 1911) 9-8-1977
004.  Halfway to Heaven - Typescript
004a.  Halfway to Heaven - Typescript
005.  Correspondence with MWWC - 1960s
006.  Correspondence with MWWC - 1985-86
007.  Correspondence with MWWC - 1987-88
008.  Correspondence with MWWC - 1989-90
009.  Dunnybrook Foundation / Correspondence with DMH
010.  Dunnybrook Historical Foundation
011.  MSS "Wings of Berwick Academy over the Township of South Berwick and Its Neighbors"
012.  Berwick Academy Today Summer 1991
013.  Herbert A.  Carroll obituary 1983
014.  Photographs of GHC, Hickory Hill, etc.
015.  B&W portrait of GHC [8x10, framed] - located in OVS Box 1
016.  "A Revival of Religion"
017.  Maine Authors Tea - 1948 invitation
018.  Portland Public Library Salute to Authors 5-12-1990
019.  Portland Public Library Salute to Authors certificate
020.  TLS Marie Donahue to DMH 4-17-1987
021.  Reviews, interviews nd
021a.  Book reviews and publicity
022.  Reviews, interviews - 1930s-1940s
023.  Reviews, interviews, articles - 1950s
024.  Reviews, interviews, - 1960s
025.  Reviews, interviews, - 1970s
026.  Reviews, interviews, - 1980s and 90s
026a.  Reviews, interviews, - 1990s
027.  As the Earth Turns - Reviews
028.  As the Earth Turns - copy of 4-21-1933 booksellers letter
029.  As the Earth Turns - Farrow's Book shop promotional ad
030.  As the Earth Turns - Folkplay
031.  As the Earth Turns - GHC account of 10-14-72 showing
032.  As the Earth Turns - Tickets, clippings 1934, 1974
033.  As the Earth Turns - Warner Bros.  film
034.  As the Earth Turns - TLS from S.  A.  Blejwas to DMH 6-17-1986
035.  Dunnybrook - Reviews
036.  While The Angels Sing - 1940s ad
037.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1934-44
038.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1944
039-041.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1945
042.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1946
043.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1947
044.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1948
045.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1949
046.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1950-52
047.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1953-59
048.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1960-67
049.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1968
050.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1969
051.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1970-71
052.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1972
053.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1973
054.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1974
055.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1975
056.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1976-77
057.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1978-80
058.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1980-81
059.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1982-84
060.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1985
061.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1986
062.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1987-89
063.  Carroll - Trafton letters, 1989-90
064.  Carroll - Trafton letters, undated
065.  Trafton correspondence [related to GHC]
065a.  Correspondence with John Jaques, articles, notes [1986-89]
066.  Gladys Hasty Carroll Fan Club
067.  Letters from GHC to Gary Lawless - 1985-86
068.  Lawless - Carroll material
068a.  Obituary from Bangor Daily News
069-070.  Gladys Hasty Carroll Newsletter 1994-99 [incomplete]
071.  Gladys Hasty Carroll Newsletter #1-10 (Feb.  1980-Dec.  1981)
072.  Gladys Hasty Carroll Newsletter #11-20 (Mar.  1982-July 1984)
073.  Gladys Hasty Carroll Newsletter #23-34 (Sept.  1984-June 1987) [missing #29 + #30]
074.  Only Fifty Years Ago - Uncorrected proof
075.  Christmas Without Johnny - Printer's dummy
076.  Christmas Without Johnny - Reprint from Country Gentleman
077.  Periodicals with GHC stories and articles
078.  Child's wooden sled.  Gift from GHC to Burton Trafton, Jr.  - located in mwwc-p
079.  Framed B+W photograph of GHC, signed Christmas 1948 (gift to Burton Trafton) - on display in Sarton Room
080.  Framed B+W photograph of GHC, inscribed to Burton Trafton - on display in Sarton Room

Further resources: Gladys Hasty Carroll collection at the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center, Boston University.


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