Manuscript Volumes Collection, 1838-1952

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Volume: 1.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized into the following five series:
I. Diaries
II. Albums and Scrapbooks
III. Ledgers and Daybooks
IV. Copy and Commonplace Books
V. Miscellaneous

Description:  The Manuscript Volumes collection is an artificial collection made up of diaries, albums, scrapbooks, ledgers, day books, copy and commonplace books written by various unpublished Maine women writers.  The Manuscript Volumes collection includes writings by Flora, Kate and Alice Douglass, Mrs. F.E. Grinuell, Eleanor Hamlen, Nancy Smith, F.M. Whittemore, Emma Whittemore, Abbie Buzzell, Grace Hoyt, Mrs. Bennett, Effie May Gray, Grace Merrill, Agnes Glover, Anne Maria Bracket, Eugenia Maude Mitchell, Carrie M. Healey, Mary A. Hall, and Grace E. Toothaker, Grace M. Calvert, Helen Graham Clark, as well as many unknown authors. The collection illuminates the daily lives of ordinary Maine women.  Some of the themes included are: household chores, gardening, sewing, social events like birthday parties and getting ice cream during the summer, weather, farm life and poetry clippings.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Manuscript Volumes Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:

 I. Diaries
 001.  Flora, Kate and Alice Douglass, S. Penobscot, 1908-1921
 002. Mrs. F.E. Grinuell, Union, 1926
 003.  Eleanor Hamlen, Portland, 1945-1950
 004.  Nancy B. Smith, West Brooksville (1 of 2), 1903
 005.  Nancy B. Smith, West Brooksville (2 of 2), 1904-1905
 006.  F.M. Wittemore, Springvale, 1900
 007.  Emma Wittemore, Springvale, 1892-1893
 008.  Abbie C. Buzzell, Standish, 1930
 009.  Grace Hoyt, Skowhegan, Jan-April 1932
 010.  unknown author, Baldwin area, 1952
 011.  unknown author, Bath, 1847-1864
 012.  unknown author [E. MacV?], Brunswick (1 of 3), 1934-1940
 013.  unknown author [E. MacV?], Brunswick (2 of 3), 1934-1940
 014.  unknown author [E. MacV?], Brunswick (3 of 3), 1934-1940
 015.  unknown author, Brunswick, 1930-1932
 016.  unknown author, Sebago, 1884
 017.  unknown author, Waterford, 1871
 018.  Mrs. Bennett, Portland, 1886
 019.  Effie May Gray, Cooper, 1929-1935 (1 of 3)
 020.  Effie May Gray, Cooper, 1929-1935 (2 of 3)
 021.  Effie May Gray, Cooper, 1929-1935 (3 of 3)
 022.  Grace E. Merrill, Saco, 1892, 1899
 023.  Agnes Glover, Hartford, ME, 1883-1890
 024.  Grace M. Calvert, Portland, 1915
 025.  Helen Graham Clark, 1926-1930
 026.  Sarah E. Stanley, Portland and Farmington, 1919
 II. Albums and Scrapbooks
 001.  Friendship Album, Anne Maria Bracket, Portland, c. 1840
 002.  Poems by Ruth Wilson Borst, 1913
 003.  unknown author "Glimpses of Maine", undated
 004.  unknown author, Scrapbook for Helen, 1903
 005.  Mental Photographs: Album for Confessions of Tastes, Habits, and Convictions, Margaret H. Folger, 1892-1894
 III. Ledgers and Daybooks
 001.  Daybook and accounts ledger, Carrie M. Healey, East Winthrop, ME, 1906, 1918-1923
 002.  Hall, Mary A., 1838-1920
 003.  Henrietta Cloudman estate, 1908-1914
 IV. Copy and Commonplace Books
 001.  Eugenia M. Mitchell copybook, 1892-1896
 002.  Grace E. Toothaker copybook, 1901-1928
 V. Miscellaneous
 001.  Sutton Family Geneology, Hiram, undated