Marie Donahue Papers, 1929-2007

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Volume: 7.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangment: This collection is organized into seven series:
1. Biographical Information
2. Correspondence
3. Preservation and Genealogy
4. Research
5. Teaching
6. Writing
7. Clippings

Biographical note: Marie Donahue (1920-2007) was a writer and teacher from South Berwick, Maine. Marie Agnes Donahue was born in South Berwick on January 21, 1920, fourth of the five children of Timothy O'Donoghue from Killarney, Ireland and Maria Fedora Charpentier of Quebec, Canada. She was educated at Berwick Academy which in the 1930's took in local town students. She was an excellent student and talented athlete and graduated from Berwick Academy in 1937. She went on to the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H. for an undergraduate degree (1941) and returned later for her master's degree (1955). Donahue taught at the University of New Hampshire for two years after college, and then began teaching English at Berwick Academy (1943-1957). In 1957 she took a position as an English instructor at Dover High School in New Hampshire, became the Chair of the English department; she retired from Dover in 1980. That same year, she returned to Berwick Academy where she taught part-time until her retirement in 1988. Her almost fifty-year teaching career resulted in many student correspondences and an extensive collection of teaching materials.

Her writing was specific to Sarah Orne Jewett and Maine. She wrote only one book, a history of Berwick Academy, however she was a prolific writer of research articles, a dozen of which she wrote for Down East magazine. The world of old New England interested her and she authored Down East articles on local sites such as Dunnybrook and Vaughan Woods, and on local personalities such as Celia Thaxter, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Jonathan Sayward. She wrote forewords to three republished Sarah Orne Jewett novels, spoke at conferences on Jewett, and conferred with a number of authors writing biographies of Jewett. Her other stories found placement in The Ellsworth American, Maine Digest, Maine Sunday Telegram, The New England Guide and others.

She co-founded the Old Berwick Historical Society, and participated in the work of the Dunnybrook Historical Society and the Eastman, Jewett and Hamilton houses. Her correspondence and clipping files are extensive and show her wide range of interest in things local, historical and literary. She died in her family home at 17 Mill Road, where she had lived all of her life, on March 6, 2007.

Description: The Donahue Papers consist of 371 folders divided into seven series: Biographical Information, Correspondence, Preservation and Genealogy, Research, Teaching, Writing, and Clippings. The Papers are dominated by the Correspondence series, which contains over 1,500 letters from friends and students. Within the general correspondence are two collections of letters to and from a former teacher, Harriet Babb and a preservation colleague, Elizabeth Goodwin. These correspondences are a unique documentation of the friendship of mid and late 20th century New England women.

Access Restrictions: None.

Please cite as: Marie Donahue Papers, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, ME.

Container List:

I. Biographical Information, 1937-2007
The Donahue Collection holds 28 files of biographical information about Marie Donahue. The files include materials about her formal studies at Berwick Academy (class of 1937) and her work at The University of New Hampshire (classes of 1941 and 1955). Donahue taught at BA, then went on to Dover High School, and then back to BA before she retired in 2003. Her association with BA was lifelong and the Academy library has an extensive collection of her materials documented in File #2 of this series.
Besides documents concerning BA & UNH, this series contains Donahue genealogy materials, land holdings of the Donahue family in Acton, a 1910 Gold Metal Flour Cookbook, a family listing of birthdays and some pictures. The final 12 files in this series are tributes that she received during her lifetime, a number of articles on her writing/teaching career, and a final memorial by Hap Ridgeway that documents her career.

001. Resumes of MD, 1976 & 1988
002. MD Archives at Berwick Academy (2008)
003. Berwick Academy Graduation, 1937
004. UNH, Bachelors, 1941
005. UNH, Masters, 1955
006. UNH Summer Institute for Teachers of English, 1962
007. UNH Co-operative education, 1975
008. UNH, Friends of the Library, 1981-1987
009. UNH Alumni Companion, 1988 & 1993
010. UNH, 1991 (50th Anniversary)
010a. UNH, History of UNH, undated
011. Family and Personal Items
012. Family Genealogy
013. Images
014. Gold Medal Flour Cook Book, 1910
015. Whittier Birthday Book
016. Education, Berwick Academy, Picture of 1997 Graduation
017. Tribute 1958. Dedication of Quamphegan
018. Tribute 1969. Berwick Academy Alumna of Year
019. Tribute 1977. South Berwick Hononary Citizen of the Year

II. Correspondence 1936-1997
02.01 General and Literary Correspondence
Donahue's general and /or literary series of correspondence includes 1,500 letters in 99 files to editors, scholars and lifelong friends. They document her from as early as 1937. This series is distinguished by two friendships in which we have both sides of the correspondence. Francis H. Babb was a former teacher who later became a religious. Her correspondence with Donahue has almost 300 letters and cards and covers a fifty year period. After Babb's death, Donahue's letters to Babb were returned to her and are in our collection, allowing us to see the friendship from both Babb and Donahue's point of view. Similarly her correspondence with Elizabeth Goodwin has within its 200 letters and cards both sides of their correspondence.
  This series also includes letters from scholars, writers, and publishers. She corresponded with mostly SOJ scholars such as Elizabeth Silverthorne, Norma Mandel, Paula Blanchard, Yasuo Hashiguchi, and Dorothy Healey. Her correspondence with writers included a long correspondence with both Gladys Hasty Carroll and Roy Barrette. And finally her correspondence with editors shows often delicate negotiations to get her work published. She corresponded with editors John Ballentine, Mal Barter, William Ewert, Margaret Shea, Mimi Steadman and James R. Wiggins.

001. Undated Letters, 11 letters
002. Early Letters - 1969, 7 letters
003. 1970-1979, 21 letters
004. 1980-1989, 35 letters and notes
005. 1990-1999, 10 letters
006. 2000-2004, 1 letter
007. Alvord, Douglas, 1988-1992, 14 letters plus articles and drawings
008. Babb, Frances H., 1937- 1949, 6 undated and 32 dated letters plus assorted pictures
009. Babb, Frances H., 1950-1969, 53 letters
010. Babb, Frances H., 1970-1979, 55 letters
011. Babb, Frances H., 1980-1988, 85 letters
012. Babb, Frances H., Writings
013. Babb, Francis H., letters from Marie Donahue, 1957-1984, 59 letters
014. Ballentine, John, 1981-1994, 26 letters
015. Barrett, Hilma, 1982-1983, 6 letters
016. Barrette, J. Roy and Helen, 1968-1997, 23 letters plus enclosures
017. Barter, J. Malcolm, 1964-1980, 32 letters plus 16 MD replies
018. Bicknell, Kent, 1999-2000, 2 letters
019. Bixler, Clara B., 1971, 2 letters
020. Blanchard, Paula, 1991-2002, 32 letters and cards
021. Blouin, Craig, 1979-1985, 1 letter from MD and 1 announcement
022. Boyd, Mary A. C., no dates, 2 notes
023. Cable, Elizabeth, 1974, 1 note
024. Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 14 Christmas Cards
025. Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 1940-1959, 16 letters
026. Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 1978-79, 6 letters
027. Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 1980-1989, 24 letters
028. Carroll, Gladys Hasty, 1990-1997, 15 letters
029. Carroll, Warren, 10 letters plus 9 Christmas letters
030. Chase, Jere A., 1977, one letter plus tributes
031. Cohen, Senator William S., 1974-1976, 11 letters plus five MD replies
032. Craddock, Mrs. George (Mary Spenser), 1984-1993, 7 letters
033. Duke, Charles R., 1976-1977, 2 letters
034. Eckman, Barbara, 1985-1986, 4 letters
035. Ewert, William B., 1976-1990, 7 letters plus materials
036. Fife, Hilda M., 1967-1983, 14 letters
037. Francis, Lesley Lee, 1999-2005, 4 notes
038. Frost, John Eldridge, 1984, one letter plus tributes
039. Galvin, Dan, 1984-1989, 5 letters
040. Galvin, John Thomas, 1989, one letter plus writings
041. Goodman, Elizabth, Correspondence, 1954-1969, 35 letters
042. Goodwin, Elizabeth, 1970-1979, 100 letters and notes
043. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Correspondence, 1980-1990, 42 letters plus tributes
044. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Correspondence, 1985-1989 with Marie Donahue, 22 letters and cards
045. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Correspondence, 1961-1971 with Norah Johnson
046. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Clippings and notes on SOJ
047. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Tributes, etc.
047a. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Book of Common Prayer, 1931 gift
047b. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Scrap Book of clippings and photos
047c. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Three Generations of Family Memberships in the DAR
047d. Goodwin, Elizabeth, Guest Book 1959-1981.
048. Goodwin, H. Terry, 1929-1985, 3 letters
049. Gordon, Ercell M., 1965-1987, 10 letters and cards
050. Grimes, Barbara and Bill, 1980-1989, 3 letters and 11 Christmas poems
051. Hashiguchi, Jasuo, 1985-1994, 12 letters and cards
052. Healy, Dorothy, 1982-1990, 39 letters
052a. Healy, Dorothy, 1980s, 1990-1993
053. Healy, Dorothy, draft responses from MD, clippings and tributes for Healy
054. Hutchinson, B. June, 1986, 1 letter
055. Jones, Elmer G., 1975-1976, 5 letters to and from Jones
056. Joseph, Mother Mary, 1984-1986, 4 letters plus enclosures
057. LeRoyer, Ann, 1981-1984, 15 letters and responses
058. Lovejoy, "Westy," 1977-1980, 2 letters
059. Mandel, Norma H., 1996-2002, 9 letters and responses
060. Maureau, Paul, 1979-1980, 6 letters (some concerning Margaret Chase Smith)
061. May, Maggie and Trudy, 1994-1999, 2 letters and a poem
062. McAllister, Ursula, 1978, 2 letters and enclosures
063. McDonald, Sheila, 1983, 5 letters and enclosures
064. McGrail, T. H., 1943-1945, 3 letters
065. Mims, Jean H., 1981-1987, 10 letters and notes
066. Mitchell, Senator George J., 1982-1989, 11 letters, cards and enclosures
067. Morrison, Jane, 1977, "A White Heron"
068. Mortland, Donald F., 1987-1993, 15 letters and enclosures
069. Noddin, Priscilla, 1978, 3 notes including pictures
070. O'Connell, Helen, 1976-1980, 2 letters
071. Ohlemeier, Carolyn, 1978-1984, 6 letters
072. Peabody, Frannie, 1979, 1 note card
073. Perreault, Helen Hasty, 1989, 1 card
074. Pinkham, Harold, 1975 article and poems
075. Pirsig, Wendy, 1990, 2 notes and materials from OBHS
076. Political correspondence, 1960-2000, 8 letters
077. Rand, Sally (Mrs John R.), 1979-1985, 2 letters
078. Ridgeway, Hap, (no dates) 2 letters
079. Ryder, Bernard F., 1975-1979, 7 letters
080. Sandler, Paul Jr., 1972-1975, 2 letters and 2 MD letters to Paul Sandler
081. Semple, J. McKenzie, 1976-1978, 3 letters
082. Shea, Margaret, (1977-1980) 13 letters from and 7 letters to Margaret Shea
083. Sherman, Sarah, 1985, 1 letter with enclosure, plus article about Sherman
084. Silverthorne, Elizabeth, 1989-1994, 10 letters
085. Smith, Senator Margaret Chase, 1979-1988, 8 letters plus 4 letters from MD
086. Spellman, Lawrence E., 1978, 1 letter (response to New York Times query)
087. Spencer, Lynne M., 1976-1981, 5 letters from MD to Spencer (SPNEA)
088. Steadman, Mimi E. B., 1980-1984, 26 letters and 12 return letters from MD
089. Thaxter, Celia (concerning), 1997, 1 note plus attachment
090. Thaxter, Rosamond, 1975, 1 letter
091. Thomas, Davis, ca 1979, 4 letters/cards and 2 letters from MD to Thomas
092. Titus, Donna Marion, 1996, 1 letter plus attachments
093. Trafton, Burton W., 1975-1984, 7 letters plus general materials on Trafton
094. Weeks, Norman and Dorothy, 1985) 6 letters to MD and 4 letters to Elizabeth Goodwin (all about Weeks Family)
095. White, Barbara A., 1984, 3 letters/notes
096. Wiggins, Elizabeth, 1979-1980, 2 letters
097. Wiggins, James Russell, 1981-1998, 13 letters and cards plus clippings on Wiggins
098. Woodbury, David O and Indie, 1975-1992, 21 letters and cards plus materials on Woodbury family
099. US Post Office, 1974, 1 letter

02.02 Student Correspondence
Donahue taught at BA and Dover High School and saved 141 letters from her students. They wrote poems to her, sent her lists of words that every students should know, sent back English papers that they received A's on, sent her poetry that they had published, and generally kept her informed of their achievements. They sent thank you letters for recommendations to Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, St. Paul's (Concord, NH), Williams, MIT and many others.
  Most often they told her about themselves. One had found God, many reported on their travels, one on his memories of her teaching Oedipus Rex and another on how she had decorated her College dorm room. One student reported from Boot Camp, that "it is good to find that I am strong enough." The cards and notes from students are funny and honest. One recommended that Donahue "not pull her hair out" when he informed her that he was not going to College but into ballet. Many asked her if she were still following the Red Sox. And finally one summed it all up with the comment: "you remain the source of my inspiration."

100. Miscellaneous students, 1968-1998, 60 plus letters
101. Desjardins, Major Philip S., 1971-1991, 5 letters
102. Dowling, Tom, 1987-1989, 3 letters plus attachments
103. Haddan, John D., 1957-1981, 8 letters & cards
104. Harriman, Shaun, 1979-1984, 7 letters
105. Hudson, Harmon, 1981, 1 letter from MD and 2 clippings
106. Mayo, Norman Alfred, 1955-1992, 2 letters and 6 cards
107. Newhouse, Cheryl, 1979-1983, 11 letters and cards
108. Richard, Jeremy, 1966-1975, 5 letters and obituary
109. Senay, Elaine, 1981-1983, 14 letters plus enclosures
110. Sousane, Sally J., 1975 plus resume

III. Genealogy and Preservation Activities
Donahue concentrated her work on South Berwick history through the Old Berwick Historical Society. She was a founding member of the OBHS and its secretary for many years. There are 10 files on the OBHS including the Incorporation Papers from 1962, a written overview of the beginnings of the society, early membership lists, newsletters and the documentation of activities including house tours.
  Included are numerous letters that she received as secretary of OBHS asking for her genealogical help in locating relatives. She responded with careful detail on the Lord, Chadbourne, Fogg, Westberg, Waite, Clemts, Worster, Marr and other local families. Donahue kept files on 17 other preservation societies including the Cushing, Counting, Eastman-Jewett and Hamilton houses in South Berwick. She was interested and eventually wrote about the Maine Old Cemetery Association, and documented a long running relationship with SPINEA which oversaw many of the Southern Maine landmarks. (Check spelling of Clemts name above.)

001. Chadbourne Family
002. Lord Family
003. Old Berwick Historical Society, Incorporation Papers, 1962
004. Old Berwick Historical Society, Membership Lists
005. Old Berwick Historical Society, Newsletters
006. Old Berwick Historical Society, Correspondence 1972-1979
007. Old Berwick Historical Society, Correspondence 1980+
008. Old Berwick Historical Society, General Items
009. Old Berwick Historical Society, General Activities
010. Old Berwick Historical Society, House Tours
011. Old Berwick Historical Society, 1986 meeting on early libraries in area
012. Old Berwick Historical Society, Markland Schoolhouse
013. Houses, The Cushing House
014. Houses, The Counting House
015. Houses, Dunnybrook Historical Society
016. Houses, Eastman & Jewett Houses
017. Houses, Hamilton House
018. Houses, Jewitt House
019. Houses, Sayward House
020. Associations, ME Old Cemetery Association
021. Associations, ME Citizens for Historic Preservation
022. Associations, ME Historical Society
023. Associations, ME State Museum
024. Associations, Old Fields Burying Ground
025. Associations, Piscatagua Gundalow Project
026. Associations, SPNEA, materials and correspondence, 1976-1990
027. Associations, SPNEA, newsletters, guides, etc.
028. Associations, SPNEA, Conference on SOJ, 1984
029. Associations, SPNEA, Conference on SOJ, 1989
030. Associations, York Historical Society, 1992

IV. Research
Donahue had thick research files on many subjects that she eventually wrote about. Her files on South Berwick included full sets of the Berwick Vital Records done by John Eldridge Frost in 1967 and again in 1989. Her local history files consisted of newspaper articles and numerous brochures on her church (St Michael's), on all the local towns in southern Maine, and towns in neighboring southern New Hampshire. Literary Massachusetts (particularly Boston) interested her and her files reflect a lifelong interest in its literary sites. She also compiled research files on American history topics such as Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and the US Bicentennial in 1976.
  A highlight of the Research series is Donahue's series of files on Sarah Owen Jewett. They include articles about Jewett's life, themes of her writing, original source materials and poems. Although less extensive, there are also files on Celia Thaxter and Isles of Shoals.

001. Berwick ME, Vital Records pre 1892 compiled by John Eldridge Frost, 1/4
002. Berwick ME, Vital Records pre 1892 compiled by John Eldridge Frost, 2/4
003. Berwick ME, Vital Records pre 1892 compiled by John Eldridge Frost, 3/4
004. Berwick ME, Vital Records pre 1892 compiled by John Eldridge Frost, 4/4
005. 1948 National Geographic Membership
006. South Berwick Town Register, 1904
007. South Berwick ME Record Book compiled by John Eldridge Frost, 1967
008. South Berwick ME
009. Saint Michael's Church, South Berwick ME
010. Local History, Southern Maine
011. Local History, State of Maine
011a. Local History, State of Maine: A Pictorial Map of the Maine Coast by Ruth Rhoads Lepper
012. Local History, New Hampshire
013. Local History, Boston and MA
015. US History, American History
016. US History, Bicentennial, 1976
017. US History, Civil War
018. US History, Lincoln, Abraham
019. US History, Schindler, Kurt
020. US History, General
021. England
022. Sarah Orne Jewett, articles about
023. Sarah Orne Jewett, Bibliography & Themes
024. Sarah Orne Jewett, Friends of SOJ, 1991
025. Sarah Orne Jewett, General Materials
026. Sarah Orne Jewett, Original Source Materials
027. Sarah Orne Jewett, Poems
028. Sarah Orne Jewett, Presentations of SOJ
029. Sarah Orne Jewett, Tidewater, 1982
030. Celia Thaxter, General Information
031. Celia Thaxter, Isles of Shoals, Maine

V. Teaching
While teaching both at Berwick Academy and Dover (NH) High School, Donahue kept files of photos, letters of recommendation, and individual files on events at each school. There are fourteen files on individual authors that include tests or other materials she used to teach each topic. She kept her teaching materials for teaching literature by course content, such as Children's Literature, Humanities, Poetry, and the Short Story.
  Her valuable files on teaching literature by place (i.e., Maine, New Hampshire, and US) include reading lists and course descriptions. And finally she left an array of English Exams developed by herself and others.

001. Berwick Academy, Background
002. Berwick Academy, Photos
003. Dover HS, General (includes Teacher evaluations)
004. Dover HS, Achievements of Students
005. Dover HS, Letters of Recommendation
006. Dover HS, Quality of Teaching
007. Dover HS, Gitchier, Helen
008. Dover HS, Knepp, A. Harvey
009. Dover HS, Quimby, Gordon
010. Dover HS, Retirement, 1980
011. Lit by Author, Aldrich, Thomas Bailey
012. Lit by Author, Benet, Stephen Vincent
013. Lit by Author, The Bible
014. Lit by Author, Borland, Hal
015. Lit by Author, Crane, Stephen
016. Lit by Author, Frost, Robert
017. Lit by Author, Hawthorne, Nathaniel
018. Lit by Author, Hemingway, Ernst
019. Lit by Author, Homer
020. Lit by Author, Knowles, John
021. Lit by Author, Robinson, Edwin Arlington
022. Lit by Author, Shakespeare
023. Lit by Author, Wilbur, Richard
024. Lit by Author, Wilder, Thornton
025. Lit by Course, Children's Literature
026. Lit by Course, Humanities
027. Lit by Course, Poetry
028. Lit by Course, Short Stories
029. Lit by Place, Maine Books
030. Lit by Place, Maine, Reading Lists
031. Lit by Place, Maine, Women Writers and Artists
032. Lit by Place, Maine Writers
033. Lit by Place, NH Literature
034. Lit by Place, NH Lit Course (1977)
035. Lit by Place, NH, 18th Century
036. Lit by Place, NH Writers and the Small Town Event, 1980
037. Lit by Place, US Literary
038. Lit by Place, US Artists and Writers
039. Teaching Materials, English Exams
040. Teaching Materials, Photos of Artists and Writers

VI. Writings
The Writing series is presented alphabetically by subject ranging from Berwick Academy through tributes (that she wrote on the death of others). One of the highlights of this series is the source materials concerning the World War II experiences of over fifty Berwick Academy graduates and the article that Donahue created out of these materials. Additionally there are draft materials and the resulting writings for book reviews, letters to editors, numerous school notes, and work for Down East Magazine, the Maine Digest, the New England History Press, the UNH Library Notes, and many more periodicals.
  Of particular interest to Jewett scholars will be the files she left on the three Jewett books that were re-issued with forwards by Donahue and other general materials and writings on Jewett. There are a number of files on the value of teaching written by herself and others. One of this series' highlights is the Donahue article "The Teacher Deals in Futures" where she presents highlights of the teaching profession as she saw it. The article serves as a crossroad between her teaching and writing lives.

001. Berwick Academy, Headmasters of Old
002. Berwick Academy, The Hayes/Lord Legacy (1991)
003. Berwick Academy, Hilliard, Joseph
004. Berwick Academy, The Old Academy on the Hill
005. Berwick Academy, Founding of BA (1999)
006. Berwick Academy, BA Presentations
007. Berwick Academy, WW II Remembrances (Fall 1995)
008. Berwick Academy, WW II Remembrances (1995) Source Materials
009. Bicentennial, History of South Berwick (1976)
010. Book Review, Beloved Outcast by James Healy
011. Book Review, Deliver Us from Evil
012. Book Review, The Day Christ Died
013. Book Review, Biography of John Paul Jones by Samuel Eliot Morison
014. Book Review, Mr. Blue by Myles Connolly
015. Boston Globe, A Children's Book of Globe Clippings (1973)
016. Boston Globe, Colorful Lessons on Country Byways (1976)
017. Boston Globe, LTE (2/14/1988) on Maine Writers
018. Boston Globe, LTE 1/10/1979 on "I work, I wrought"
019. Boston Globe, LTE 1998 on Charles Dickens
020. Course Work, Children's Literature
021. Course Work, Libraries
022. Dover, NH, 350th Anniversary
023. Down East, Happy Birthday, Dear Sarah (proposal)
024. Down East, LTE, 1994
025. Down East, Overview of Articles, 1965 - 1981
026. Down East, Vaughan Woods Memorial, 1965
027. Down East, Maine's Oldest Private Academy, 1966
028. Down East, Maine Attics, 1969
029. Down East, Profile of a Maine Librarian, 1972
030. Down East, The Great Grey House, 1975
031. Down East, Celia Thaxter's Island World, 1976
032. Down East, Sarah Orne Jewett's Dear Old House and Home, 1977
033. Down East, Maine's Incorrigible Fisher of Words, 1978
034. Down East, Gladys Hasty Carroll First Citizen of Dunnybrook, 1979
035. Down East, Gardiner's Grand Lady, 1980
036. Down East, Lively New Interest in Old Burying Grounds, 1980
037. Down East, At Home With a York Harbor Tory, 1981
038. Ellsworth American, LTE, Have No Fear, Jewett Lovers, 11/25/1993
039. Forward, Old Kittery and Her Families, 1981
040. Forward, A Country Doctor by Sarah Orne Jewett, 1984
041. Forward, The Tory Lover by Sarah Orne Jewett, ca 1975
042. Jewett, Sarah Orne, General Materials
043. Jewett, Sarah Orne, In Maine They Still Love SOJ, Drafts
044. Jewett, Sarah Orne, and John Frost
045. Jewett, Sarah Orne, SOJ Memorial: Maine Literary Shrine
046. Jewett, Sarah Orne, Profit With Honor
047. Jewett, Sarah Orne, Country By-Ways, 1981
048. Jewett, Sarah Orne, Conference, 1985
049. Jewett, Sarah Orne, SOJ's Coast of Maine, 1988 & 1989
050. Jewett, Sarah Orne, An Evening with SOJ, SPINEA, 1989
051. Jewett, Sarah Orne, Deephaven's 100th Anniversary, 1993
052. Jewett, Sarah Orne, SOJ and the Ecumenical Spirit, 1998
053. Maine Digest, Of Pennyroyal And Pointed Firs, 1970
054. Maine Digest, Sarah Orne Jewett, 1970
055. Maine Magazine, Sarah Orne Jewett, 1993
056. Maine Old Cemetery Association, Remembering Hilda, 1994
057. Maine Sunday Telegram, Sarah Orne Jewett, 1979 & 1981
058. Maine Sunday Telegram, Sarah Orne Jewett, 1996
059. New England Guide, SPNEA Houses, 1983
060. New England Guide, A Home in History, 1983
061. New England History Press, Old Kittery & Her Families, 1981
062. New Hampshire Association of Teachers, The Worlds NH Writers' Make, 1982
063. New Hampshire Educator, The Teacher Deals in Futures, 1963
064. New Hampshire Profiles, The Granite State in Song and Story, 1975
065. New York Times, LTE, on Robert T. Coffin, 1983
066. School Notes, Handwritten and undated
067. School Notes, Chaucer, first of 5 subjects within single notebook
068. School Notes, European Literature, second of five subjects within single notebook
069. School Notes, English Grammar, third of five subjects within single notebook
070. School Notes, American Literature, fourth of five subjects within single notebook
071. School Notes, Physical Education, final of five subjects within single notebook
072. School Papers, 1920 - 1930s
073. School Papers, 1940s
074. School Papers, 1960s
075. South Berwick, Town of South Berwick, 1976
076. Strawbery Banke, Thomas Bailey Aldrich Lecture Series, 1983
077. Teaching, And Gladly Teach
078. Teaching, Early Schools in South Berwick and Eliot, c 1994
079. Teaching, Former Students
080. Teaching, On the Value of Teaching, 1980
081. Teaching, the Teacher Deals in Futures, 1963
082. Teaching, Why Johnny Doesn't Read - and Can't Write, ca 1960
083. Tributes, ... Fred (DHS)
084. Tributes, Babb, Frances H.
085. Tributes, Blouin, Carolyn
086. Tributes, Gordon, Ercell M
087. Tributes, Holmes, Craig
088. Tributes, Trafton, Burton W
089. Tributes, Walton, Marie W
090. University of New Hampshire Library Notes, A Lawless Borderer, 1976
091. University of New Hampshire Library Notes, Sandpiper, 1977
092. University of New Hampshire Library Notes, The Jewett Album, 1985/1986

VII. Clippings
The Clippings series consists of a fascinating array of subjects that documents both Donahue's interests and a view of how her mind worked. She was taken with lists of every sort. The general clippings began in the late 1930s from The Boston Globe. She clipped and saved ninety-two columns from the Globe titled "Great Books in Brief" by Elizabeth Coates James. It says a great deal about the desires and intentions of a young of the 1930s who cut articles on great books and "100 Pictures That the Truly Well-Informed Person Should Recognize." She also clipped reading lists, information on flowers & herbs, and even War Slogans. She was especially interested in words, writing, Latin, Composition, vocabulary and spelling.
  Donahue clipped on literary places such as the Boston Athenaeum, The Boston Globe itself, Harvard University, Bowdoin, and the Maine Women Writers Collection. Additionally she kept files on subjects of personal interest such as Baseball, the Catholic Religion, and an array of financial and safety articles.

001. Author: Overview
002. Author: Alcott, Louisa M.
003. Author: Appleton, William Sumner
004. Author: Austen, Jane
005. Author: Blake, William
006. Author: Bronte Sisters
007. Author: Capote, Truman
008. Author: Carroll, Gladys Hasty
009. Author: Carroll, Lewis
010. Author: Carroll, Warren
011. Author: Cather, Willa
012. Author: Connelly, Marc
013. Author: Conrad, Joseph
014. Author: Dickens, Charles
015. Author: Dickenson, Emily
016. Author: Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
017. Author: Eliot, T. S.
018. Author: Emerson, Ralph Waldo
019. Author: Faulkner, William
020. Author: Fields, M&M James T. (Annie)
021. Author: Franklin, Benjamin
022. Author: Frost, Robert
023. Author: Galsworthy, John
024. Author: Gray, Francine du Plessix
025. Author: Grimm, Jacob & Wilhelm
026. Author: Hall, Donald
027. Author: Hard, Walter
028. Author: Hemingway, Ernest
029. Author/Painter: Homer, Winslow
030. Author: Howells, William Dean
031. Author: Ibsen, Henrik
032. Author: James, Henry
033. Author: Johnson, Samuel
034. Author: Kazin, Alfred
035. Author: Keller, Helen
036. Author: Kipling, Rudyard
037. Author: Lewis, C. Day
038. Author: Maynard, Joyce
039. Author: McCullough, David
040. Author: Melville, Herman
041. Author: Miller, Arthur
042. Author: Orwell, George
043. Author: Pepys, Samuel
044. Author: Poe, Edgar Allan
045. Author: Potter, Beatrix
046. Author: Roberts, Kenneth
047. Author: Sandburg, Carl
048. Author: Shakespeare
049. Author: Shaw, George B.
050. Author: Shelly, Mary
051. Author/Politician: Smith, Margaret Chase
052. Author: Steinbeck, John
053. Author: Stowe, Harriet Beecher
054. Author: Thoreau, Hanry David
055. Author: Tolstoy, Leo
056. Author: Twain, Mark
057. Author: Updike, John
058. Author/Actor: Ustinov, Peter
059. Author: Welty, Eudora
060. Author: White, E. B.
061. Author/Poet: Whittier, John Greenleaf
062. Author: Wiggin, Kate Douglas
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064. Author: Wolfe, Thomas
065. Author: Woodbury, David O.
066. Author/Painter: Wyeth, Andrew
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072. Lists: Classics Revisited, Saturday Review, 1968
073. Lists: Books/Reading Lists
074. Lists: Flowers, Herbs & Gardening
075. Lists: Lyrics
076. Lists: War Slogans
077. Literary Places: Boston Athenaeum
078. Literary Places: Boston Globe
079. Literary Places: Bowdoin College
080. Literary Places: Brattle Book Shop
081. Literary Places: Harvard University
082. Literary Places: Maine Women Writers Collection, Westbrook College
083. Personal Interests: Art & Antiques
084. Personal Interests: Baseball
085. Personal Interests: Book Reviews by Others
086. Personal Interests: Catholic Religion
087. Personal Interests: Essays
088. Personal Interests: Financial Brochures
089. Personal Interests: Household Materials
090. Personal Interests: Irish Ancestry
091. Personal Interests: Obituaries
092. Personal Interests: Safety Articles
093. Words, Writing: Books
094. Words, Writing: The Golden Book on Writing, David Lambuth
095. Words, Writing: Language, LATIN
096. Words, Writing: Teaching & Course Content
097. Words, Writing: The Wonderful World of Words
098. Words, Writing: Composition & Writing
099. Words, Writing: Usage & Editing
100. Words, Writing: Vocabulary & Spelling

VIII. Separation List
The Donahue Papers originally included almost 100 clipped articles from periodicals such as Life and Look magazines, and articles and commemorative booklets from The Boston Globe and local newspapers. These materials are available to scholars elsewhere; but are documented with full citations in this final series of separated items.

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006. Literature, American, The Belle of Amherst, Article undated
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023. New England, MA: Songs of Women of the World (Sommerville, MA) Boston Globe, 3/4/1993
024. New England, MA: Dancin', Hub Clubs Hop from Euro to Retro (Boston, MA), Boston Globe 3/4/1993
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