Virginia Chase Papers, 1910-1987

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Volume: 1.5 linear feet

Organization/Arrangement: Organized as a single series.

Biographical Note: Educator, novelist, and popular historian, Virginia Chase (Perkins) was born in 1902 in Blue Hill, the younger sister of author Mary Ellen Chase. Chase received her degrees from the University of Minnesota and Wayne State University, and taught for many years, including more than 20 years at Hartford College for Women. Chase wrote articles and short stories throughout her life for publications such as Good Housekeeping and DownEast. Her novels include The American House (1944), Discovery (1948), The End of the Week (1953), and One Crow Two Crow (1971). Also published works of nonfiction includes The Writing of Modern Prose. In 1940 Chase Perkins received the Avery Hopwood Award for fiction, and she was inducted into Westbrook College's Deborah Morton Society in 1983 in memoriam.

Description: This collection includes correspondence with both Dorothy Healy and Grace Dow as well as with others, typescripts of Virginia Chase Perkins’ novel, This American House and other publications, and interviews, clippings and reviews of her work in publications such as DownEast and Yankee, including a very representative collection of her short stories from the 1930s into the 1980s. There is also ephemera collected from various speaking engagements and tributes and a few photographs. The five scrapbooks in the collection give a sense of the her impact on the literary scene of her time, full of newspaper clippings and publishers’ correspondence relating to her work.

Access Restrictions: None

Please cite as: Virginia Chase Collection, Maine Women Writers Collection, University of New England, Portland, Maine

Container List:
001.  Bibliography
002.  ALS to Mary Ellen Chase, 2/21/1910
003.  ALS Sept.  1941 to Elizabeth Ring
004.  Correspondence with Grace Dow, 1959-65
005.  Correspondence with Grace Dow, 1970s
006.  Correspondence with Grace Dow, undated
007.  Correspondence to Dorothy Healy, undated
008.  Correspondence to Dorothy Healy, 1960s
009.  Correspondence to Dorothy Healy, 1970s and 80s
010.  "Dear Friends" letter, 1982
011.  ALS to Gladys Hager, May 1984
012.  ALS Jerry Weren to Dorothy Healy, 1986-1987
013.  Correspondence to David Philips, 1983-1984
014.  Reviews, interviews
015.  Book-of-the-Month-Club News, 1944-1948
016.  The End of the Week - review by Karl Menninger
017.  Photograph of Chase home
018.  Photograph of VC and Dorothy Healy at the Blue Hill home, 1985
019.  Framed photo of VC holding The End of the Week
020.  Hartford College for Women lecture series, 1963
021.  West Hartford Public Library - VCP Collectoin
022.  A Program Honoring VCP at Hartford College for Women, 1971
023.  Dorothy Healy notes of VC, 3/1987
024.  George Steven Academy publication, letter, 1980s
025.  "The Comet is Coming" Pennswood View, Winter 1984-85
026.  "The Search," tribute to Wallace Winfield Perkins, 1973
027.-031.  The American House - typescript
032.  The American House - original drawings by Janet Nelson
033.  Knights of the Golden Fleece, chap.  2 - typescript
034.  Early published work, 1930s - 40s
035.  Early published work, 1960s - 1980
036.  One Crow, Two Crow - typescript
037.  DownEast articles, 1957-62
038.  DownEast articles (Maine Coast village series), 1958-59
039.  DownEast articles, 1970s
040.  DownEast articles, 1980s
041.  DownEast articles, undated
042.  "The Clutter Room" typescript
043.  Publicity material
044.  Discovery - correspondence, 1948
045.  Discovery - reviews, radio transcripts
046.  Discovery - scrapbook of reviews
047.  One Crow Two Crow - scrapbook of reviews
048.  End of the Week - scrapbook of reviews and correspondence
049.  Scrapbook of published short stories
050.  Scrapbook of reviews written by VC and reviews of her work
051.  Biographical clipping