Visitor Policies

Maine Women Writers Collection bookcaseAll researchers are asked to abide by the following policies:

  • Patrons are requested to fill out a registration form.
  • Help us keep fragile collection material in good condition. Handle with care!
  • Pencils and paper or laptops are allowed in the reading room for note-taking.
  • Researchers are requested to store coats, briefcases, purses, pens, and all personal possessions other than a laptop computer or notepad in the curator's office.
  • Patrons are requested to wash their hands prior to handling materials. White gloves will be provided for use while examining photographs and certain other materials. Please do not mark, trace, or stack materials.
  • The amount of material provided at one time will be based on its condition.
  • Books and manuscript material do not circulate and may not be removed from the reading room.
  • Please maintain the existing order of box and folder contents.
  • Staff will be pleased to make photocopies. Place an acid-free marker in the folder or book with desired page numbers noted in pencil. A staff member can photocopy up to 10% of materials for reference purposes, condition of material allowing. The charge for photocopies is $.20 per page.
  • After use please leave materials on the reading room table. Staff will reshelve.
  • Permission to publish portions or whole primary documents must be obtained from the library in writing. The researcher bears all responsibility for the observance of copyright restrictions.

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