General Orientation, Registration and Attendance

Q: Do I have to go to orientation?
A: Yes! Orientation is mandatory. If you have a conflict with our summer dates, please contact the Office of New Student Orientation.

Q: Is there a shuttle to and from the airport?
A: The Orientation office will assist you if you are flying to and from campus. Please contact the Orientation office about travel plans and be sure to give detailed information while registering for Orientation online.

Q: Is food provided during orientation?
A: Yes. You eat all meals on campus during Orientation.

Q: When I try to register for Orientation, I get an error message. What should I do?
A: You are not able to register for Orientation until you have sent in your deposit to the University. If you are a student who has deposited, please contact us at (207) 602-2447 and we will assist you in registering.

Q: Do I stay on campus for Orientation and, if so, where?
A: You stay in one of our traditional residence halls (Assisi, Siena, Padua or Avila). You are given a room assignment once you arrive. This room assignment is not the same as your room assignment for the year. 

Q: Where do I check in for Orientation?
A: Orientation check in is in the Campus Center lobby. Students attending a Trailblazer Pre-Orientation should check in at the front lawn of Decary Hall.

Q: Is there parking on campus for Orientation and, if so, where can I park?
A: You can park on campus for the duration of your Orientation. You must park in one of the designated parking lots and parking passes will be provided.

Q: I am commuting to campus in the fall. Do I need to stay on campus during Orientation?
A: If you are a commuter, you are strongly encouraged to stay on campus to get connected with others and to the campus community. However, it is not required that you do so.

Q: Do my parents have to attend Parent Orientation?
A: Parent Orientation is not required but encouraged. Please visit the Parent Orientation section for more information.

Q: How much is Orientation?
​A: Traditional orientation sessions are free, but we highly encourage the new students to sign up for a Trailblazer Pre-orientation trip, which costs $99, regardless of trip. 

Trailblazer Pre-Orientation

4 Day Trips: (TB Check-In in front of Decary Hall from 8-9 a.m.)

Momentous Mountains (Hiking/ Backpacking)
Creeks and Crags (Multisport in Pinkham Notch)
Wild Waters (Kayaking of varying difficulty)
Nomadic Nor’easters (Boston/ Portland- For the not outdoorsy type)

3 Day Trips: (TB Check-In in front of Decary Hall from 8-9 a.m.)

Summit Science (Mt. Washington Observatory)
Casco Bay Kayak (Kayaking to camp on various islands)
Island Adventure (Camping, Kayaking, Zipline and more on Cow Island) 

Q: Is there a place to store the belongings that I am not bringing on my Trailblazer trip?
A: Yes, you will be given access to your Orientation room to store any belongings that you will not need on your Trailblazer trip.


Q: Will I be able to meet with my advisor at Orientation?
A: You meet with a faculty member from your major or department, who may or may not be your advisor. However, you find out who your advisor is and how to contact that person with any advising questions or concerns.

Q: How do I sign up for classes?
A: On the final day of Orientation, you meet with a faculty member and are given your schedule. You also learn UNE’s online registration process and are able to, on your own, go in and add/drop classes and tweak your schedule.

Q: How do I know if I have to take the Math Placement exam?
A: Most students have to take the math placement exam. For more information about Math Placement, please visit Placement Testing or contact our Student Academic Support Center at (207) 602-2443.

Q: Are there special accommodations available for placement exams?
A: Yes! If you think you need accommodations for the placement exams, please contact the Student Access Center at (207) 602-2815.

Housing and Residential/Commuter Life

Q: How do I sign up for housing?
A: Housing contracts are available on our “Forms and What to Bring Section” by clicking on the Resident Student Packet. The first page of the packet is the housing contract with the due date and where to send it.

Q: Do I have to pick a roommate during Orientation?
A: No. If you think you meet someone at Orientation that would be a good fit for you, then both of you can fill out the Roommate Request Form, but many people wait to see who is assigned to them by the Office of Housing and Residential/Commuter Life.