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UNE's Semester in Seville named a finalist for GoAbroad's access innovation award

April 25, 2013

The University of New England's "Semester in Seville, Spain for Science Majors" has been selected as a finalist for GoAbroad's 2013 Innovation in Access & Equity Innovation Award.

The "Innovation in Access & Equity Innovation Award" recognizes strategic efforts to expand global educational opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups. Nominations were evaluated on their creativity and their scope to promote and provide equal access and specialized support to these groups in international education.

One of the challenges science and health professions students face in taking a semester abroad is that science courses offered by colleges and universities in other nations may not meet the requirements of their home universities, or the students may not have the language skills needed to perform well in those science classes.

Approved Lab-Based Courses

UNE's Semester in Seville at the University Pablo de Olavide was designed to provide opportunities for students in those disciplines to study overseas while still staying on track in their academic majors.

The program allows UNE students to take lab-based courses in organic chemistry, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology developed to meet the academic standards of UNE's biology, pre-health professions and undergraduate health professions programs.

The same opportunities will be offered at UNE’s new campus in Tangier, Morocco, scheduled to open in spring 2014.


"I am delighted to see that GoAbroad is recognizing the creativity and originality of our study-abroad program in Seville," said UNE President Danielle Ripich, Ph.D. "Our Semester in Seville and our new campus in Tangier are important steps toward the globalization of UNE's undergraduate education. Globalization is a major strategic goal of the University. It gives UNE students a competitive edge. It has become virtually impossible in this day and age to be educated and not have a degree of global awareness."

Anouar Majid, Ph.D., UNE associate provost for global initiatives, noted that: "From its inception, the Seville program and UNE's approach to undergraduate global education have attracted the interest of major organizations in the field, like the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) and now GoAbroad.  Many other major universities are paying attention, too. We are definitely on the right track."

Majid added that "Our global initiatives are inspired by the spirit of innovation that President Ripich has introduced to our university culture. Our success also depends on the creative work of Emily Dragon, Sandy Larned, Neal Jandreau, Jeannine Owens, Liz Bennett and the Communications Office. I also want to commend Joanna Wandycz-Mejías, the coordinator of the Centro Universitario Internacional at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), where our students spend academic semesters, for nominating us. UPO works with dozens of US institutions, so for us to be singled out is a good sign."

In addition to the innovative lab-based science classes, UNE students in Seville also have the opportunity to take UNE-approved courses in history, psychology, business, marketing, economics, political science and sociology — all offered in English. Most of these courses have a focus on either the Spanish or global aspects of the academic discipline.

Students are also required to take an intensive Spanish language course that begins two weeks prior to the semester and continues throughout the term.

The GoAbroad Innovations Academy will vote on the winner for each award in nine categories. These winners will then be announced at the GoAbroad Reception during the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo in St. Louis, on Thursday, May 30, at 5:30 p.m.

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