Brian Duff quoted in ‘Press Herald’ article on campaign spending among Maine’s gubernatorial candidates

December 19, 2014

Brian Duff
Brian Duff

Brian Duff, Ph.D., chair and associate professor in the Department of Political Science, was quoted in a December 19, 2014 article in the Portland Press Herald, which focused on campaign spending in Maine’s recent gubernatorial race.

With the incumbent and winner, Paul LePage, spending only $1.9 million on his re-election, the two other candidates spent approximately $3 million each.

Duff noted that because the race was unique with three -- rather than two -- contenders, the typical pattern in which the candidate who spends the most is the winner was not upheld.

"This was in no way a typical governor’s race," he stated.  "The typical rules don’t apply, including that whoever has the most money is at an advantage."

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