Museum created by Will Diehl plays role in documenting ICDE’s 75 year history

April 07, 2014

Will Diehl, Ph.D., coordinator of Online Graduate Programs in the Department of Education, is the creator of the International Museum of Distance Education and Technology, a project that has its roots in research carried out at the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) member institution, the Pennsylvania State University.  In its 75th anniversary year, ICDE has joined with the museum to provide access to a library documenting the organization’s history, which goes back to the first World Conference, held in 1938 in Victoria, Canada.

The museum is the most extensive and fastest-growing historical timeline of distance education in the world, and according to Diehl, is based around a vision of creating “a community of educators and students who will benefit from the resources that the museum provides as well as the collaborations that result from participation in the community.

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