‘Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine’ publishes article by UNE medical student

David Drozda at Pleasant View Nursing Home
David Drozda at Pleasant View Nursing Home

July 05, 2017

The Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine has published an article by David Drozda, D.O., a 2017 graduate of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. The article, co-authored by Professor Marilyn Gugliucci, Ph.D., director of geriatrics education and research, details Drozda’s experience in the Learning by Living nursing home immersion program. 

Drozda was admitted as an elder resident into Pleasant View Nursing Home in Concord, New Hampshire during the summer of 2014 upon completing his first year at UNE COM. He lived there for 11 days, playing the role of someone with a stroke diagnosis that compromised his dominant side, as well as aspiration pneumonia that required him to eat a diet of pureed foods and thickened liquids for 48 hours.

During his time in the nursing home, Drozda was wheelchair reliant and needed to be assisted with transferring, toileting and bathing. He befriended a 75 year-old woman who had the same diagnoses assigned to David. They participated in all therapies together giving Drozda an opportunity to understand how such a diagnosis affects a person. “We talked about what the most difficult changes have been since her stroke,” Drozda stated. “She said she really struggled with the loss of dignity and freedom, that her biggest struggle was the loss of control.”

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