'Publishers Weekly' and the 'Maine Edge' praise Josh Pahigian’s new book

Josh Pahigian
Josh Pahigian

February 10, 2017

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Publishers Weekly and the Maine Edge recently reviewed Josh Pahigian’s book, The Amazing Baseball Adventure.

The title is the latest baseball book from Pahigian, who serves as a fellow in the UNE Center for Global Humanities, adjunct instructor in the Department of English and writer in the Office of Communications. It provides a colorful tour through the major and minor leagues’ wacky, wondrous and revered ballpark attractions, detailing more than 100 ballpark features that make attending games extra special for fans.

Publishers Weekly described the book as an “informative, chatty survey” of baseball’s best attractions, while concluding, “Pahigian’s unique compilation aims to stir up added excitement and pleasure for fans visiting baseball cathedrals in both the minor and major leagues.”

A review in the Bangor-based Maine Edge, meanwhile, states “Pahigian is one of the best there is when it comes to baseball-related travel writing…. He’s proven to be a first-rate hardball tour guide in the past; this book is one more example of just how good he is. Nobody captures the in-person spirit of the game quite like him.” 

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