Teresa Dzieweczynski of UNE psychology department publishes article with student co-author in 'Ethology'

Teresa Dzieweczynski
Teresa Dzieweczynski

September 25, 2017

Teresa Dzieweczynski, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Psychology, authored an article that was published in the journal Ethology.

The article, “Court Like You Mean It: Male Siamese Fighting Fish are Less Attentive to Courting Males that Have Been Exposed to an Estrogen Mimic,” was completed with the assistance of an undergraduate co-author, Haley LaMonica (Animal Behavior, ’18).

This study continues the mission of the Dzieweczynski Lab: to understand the consequences of inadvertent pharmaceutical exposure on fish behavior.

This work was supported by the Office of the Vice President of Research and Scholarship.

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