UNE’s Edward Li discusses flu vaccine costs with ‘WMTW’

Ed Li

October 02, 2017

In advance of flu season, Edward Li, M.P.H., BCOP, professor in the College of Pharmacy, spoke with WMTW about the change in cost of this year’s vaccine.

For those paying out of pocket in Maine, this year’s flu shot prices generally range from $30-50. Li explained that higher costs are the result of better technologies in developing the vaccine. There are different types of vaccines that protect against more strains of influenza, which are also more expensive. Li recommends that individuals speak with their doctors to find out which vaccine they should have.

“The lower cost products typically do tend to sell out quicker,” said Li. “So, the longer you wait [to be vaccinated], the more likely it is that the only products out there will be the expensive ones.”

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