UNE’s Nicole Trufant interviewed on “CBO Speaks” podcast

Nicole Trufant
Nicole Trufant

September 26, 2017

University of New England Vice President of Finance and Administration Nicole Trufant was the featured guest on the “CBO Speaks” podcast, a program produced by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).

Trufant discussed her background in higher education, saying that “education is in my blood; it’s part of who I am.” She comes from a family of teachers and her grandfather served as a custodian at UNE. After college, Trufant worked as a public accountant before entering the higher education field.

As the Vice President of Finance and Administration, Trufant said that she has “experienced every emotion except for boredom. UNE is always changing and growing, we’re a very entrepreneurial institution.” With these changes, she is also investigating ways to adapt financial and administrative systems so that they most effectively serve the students and faculty. 

“CBO Speaks” is an award-winning, interview-style podcast exploring issues and topics about the role of the chief business officer in higher education. Each episode features a university leader who addressing the challenges and exciting developments that they face in their role.

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