UNE animal behaviorist Teresa Dzieweczynski and undergrad co-authors publish in ‘Behaviour’

Teresa Dzieweczynski
Teresa Dzieweczynski

September 27, 2017

Teresa Dzieweczynski, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Psychology, authored an article that was recently accepted by the journal Behaviour.

The article, “I remember you: female Siamese fighting fish recognize individuals they have previously interacted with,” features three undergraduate co-authors, Nicole Greaney (Ocean Science Marine Affairs, ’17), Kelley Portrais (Animal Behavior and Environmental Science, ’19) and Megan Stevens (Global Studies ’19). This is the first publication for Portrais and Stevens and was the result of research they conducted as freshmen. It is also the third publication for Greaney.

This work was funded by a UNE mini-grant from the Office of the Vice President of Research and Scholarship and continues the Dzieweczynski Lab's work on examining how communication networks function in Siamese fighting fish.

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