UNE Nutrition professor offers tips for buying organic on “207”

Anne-Marie Davee is interviewed in the WCSH "207" kitchen
Anne-Marie Davee is interviewed in the WCSH "207" kitchen

October 25, 2017

Anne-Marie Davee, M.S. R.D.N. L.D, assistant clinical professor of Nutrition in the University of New England Westbrook College of Health Professions, shared advice on purchasing organic foods for a segment in the show ”207” on WCSH.

Davee first explained that organic means a food has been produced with no synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers, no genetically modified organisms and has not been treated with radiation. In the case of livestock, the animals must be allowed to graze for a certain number of hours a day and be fed organic ingredients.

Davee shared what is known as the “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen,” two lists of produce that indicate which fruits and vegetables are have the highest and lowest levels of residue on them. Foods on the dirty dozen should be thoroughly cleaned or peeled to avoid ingesting pesticides. She also discussed the benefits of buying local, because foods begin lose their nutritional value the moment they are picked.

Watch the segment.

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