Anouar Majid’s 'Si Yussef' praised by 'The Guardian'

'Si Yussef' by Anouar Majid
'Si Yussef' by Anouar Majid

April 23, 2018

Twenty-five years after the publication of Si Yussef by University of New England Vice President for Global Affairs Anouar Majid, the book’s place in Tangier’s rich literary tradition continues to become increasingly apparent.   

The novella, which details a chance encounter between a university student and the elderly Si Yussef at Achab’s Café and the relationship they develop over the ensuing twelve days, was included in a recent article in The Guardian detailing the ten most important books set in Tangier.

The article, titled “The Top Ten Books Based in Tangier,” places Majid and his work in impressive company, including Si Yussef alongside titles by literary giants like William Burroughs and Paul Bowles. 

The Guardian sums up Si Yussef’s significance: “It is a work that raises questions of identity, home and how Tangier’s history has been somewhat idealized.”

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