UNE political science professor Ali Ahmida commissioned by U.N. to pen section of Arab Governance Report

Ali Ahmida
Ali Ahmida

January 23, 2018

Ali Ahmida, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Political Science, recently completed work on drafting two sections of the Arab Governance Report for the United Nations, both of which have been accepted by the U.N. 's commission on the report. Ahmida's portions are "Institutional Building, Good Governance, and State Crisis of Transition: A Review and Synthesis of Recent Political Science Scholarship" and "Social and External Origins of State Collapse, The Crisis of Transition, and Strategies for Political and Institutional Reconstruction in Libya."

In these sections, Ahmida addresses the developmental and institutional challenges faced by areas of conflict in the Arab region and focuses on practical responses that can be taken by Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, as they transition out of conflict and launch the recovery and state-building process.

Ahmida’s assignment stated: “When conflicts end, societies have narrow windows of opportunity to consolidate peace and secure their post-war transitions. Getting the initial phase ‘right’ is perhaps the most essential task, but it is also the hardest and most complex.”

This is the fourth piece of work for the U.N. on which Ahmida has served as a consultant. Previous work includes assessing the U.N.’s role in Arab countries and addressing conflict resolution in Africa for the U.N. Security Council.

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