Nutrition Minor Curriculum


The Minor in Nutrition aims to provide expert knowledge about human nutrition and related physiologic principles. The program of study presents current information about topics and issues that concern students such as: a balanced diet, weight management, exercise and sports performance.  In addition, the Minor explores the social and environmental impact of food we grow and eat and the influence of food systems on public health at a national and global level.

Courses Credits
Three Courses (9 credits) are Required:  
NUTR 220/IHS 220- Nutrition 3
BIO 318- Human Nutrition 3
EXS 322- Bioenergetics & Metabolism 3
Three Additional Elective Courses (9 credits) from the list below:  
BIO 480- Topics on Physiology 3
CHE 310- Fundamentals of Biochemistry 4
ENV 376- Caribbean/Sustainable Development 3

SOC 275- Sociology of Food/ Health


NUTR 238- Fundamentals of Healthy Cooking 3

NUTR 342- Food Systems and Public Health


NUTR 200 - Food Science Concepts & Food Safety