Dear Prospective Patient,

On behalf of the faculty, professional staff, and students of the University of New England College of Dental Medicine, I would like to welcome you to our clinical facility, the Oral Health Center. The College of Dental Medicine is evolving into one of the finest dental schools in the country, with our state-of-the-art facility, the latest technology, and an innovative educational program. Our student providers are highly qualified men and women who were selected through a rigorous admissions process.

Here at the Oral Health Center, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, patient-centered oral health care, for a reasonable fee, in a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment.

We are committed to delivering care within the scope of our programs. Some patient treatment needs may be beyond the care that can be provided by our student doctors. Patients are fully informed of the results of their screening examinations, and alternative treatment options may be presented that better suit each individual’s unique oral health care needs.

The Oral Health Center team firmly believes that patients must partner with us in maintaining their oral health. Our faculty, professional staff, and students will educate patients in proper oral hygiene techniques, which are essential in maintaining good oral health and can help prevent or control diseases that affect the entire body.

Thank you for choosing the UNE Oral Health Center and the College of Dental Medicine for your oral health care needs. We are glad you did!

Jon S. Ryder, D.D.S., M.S.
College of Dental Medicine


We are located at 750 Stevens Ave., Portland, Maine, get directions and parking information. Contact us by calling (207) 221-4747.

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