Andrew Golub


Academic librarianship, regional accreditation in higher education, academic assessment

Selected Publications:

Sheldon, M, Golub, A, Langevin, J, St. Ours, P, Swartzlander, B, "Improving Institutional Effectiveness: Description and Application of an Institutional Effectiveness Model" Article submitted for publication, currently in review at Planning for Higher Education Journal, 2007;

Hernon, Peter, with Bryant, PK, De, Maya, Farrah, BD, Golub, AJ ... [et al] Statistics for Library Decision Making: A Handbook. Norwood, NJ: Ablex, 1989; Golub, AJ Video Vademakum. In: Knill, PJ Medien in Therapie und Ausbildung [Media in Therapy and Training]. Halle, Germany: Ohlesen-Verlag, 1983: 99-136.

andrew golub

Andrew Golub


M.S., M.A.

Dean of Library Services

Biddeford Campus

(207) 602-2319

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