Arvind Thakkar

Arvind Thakkar joined the UNE College of Pharmacy as Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in March of 2017. Before joining UNE, Dr. Thakkar was a Research Assistant Professor at the Western University of Health Sciences. Dr. Thakkar has made original research contributions to the field of pharmacology, including development of novel nanoparticle-based drug treatments for the prevention of aggressive pancreatic cancer, characterizing the effect of calcitonin on prostate cancer invasiveness and metastasis, characterizing prognostic biomarkers to predict breast cancer patient outcomes, and developing an Epiregulin-based system for tracking patient response to anti-inflammatory treatment. Dr. Thakkar’s pharmaceutical industry experience specializes in oncological drug discovery and development, and biomarker development for clinical trials.



University of Pune



Vellore Institute of Technology University


Post-Doctoral Training

Western University of Health Sciences, CA

University of Louisiana at Monroe, LA


Cancer therapy


Personalized medicine

Cancer Biomarkers

Pre-clinical drug development

Cancer Pharmacology


Current Research

Project 1. Targeted gemcitabine combination therapy for pancreatic cancer.

Project 2. Pre-clinical development and delivery of pancreatic cancer prevention therapy.

Selected Publications


Aljameeli A, Thakkar A, Shah GV. Calcitonin receptor increases invasion of prostate cancer cells by recruiting zonula occludens-1 and promoting PKA-mediated TJ disassembly. Cellular Signalling 36, 1-13.


Ding B, Wahid Md, Wang Z, Xie C, Thakkar A, Prabhu S, Wang J. Triptolide and Celastrol Loaded Silk Fibroin Nanoparticles Show Synergistic Effect against Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells. Nanoscale, 2017.​


Thakkar A, Chenreddy S, Thio A, Khamas W, Wang J, Prabhu S. Preclinical systemic toxicity evaluation of chitosan-solid lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated aspirin and curcumin in combination with free sulforaphane in BALB/c mice. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 11: 3265-76.


Thakkar A, Aljameeli A, Thomas S, Shah GV. A-kinase anchoring protein 2 is required for calcitonin-mediated invasion of cancer cells. Endocrine Related Cancer, 1:1-14.


Aljameeli A, Thakkar A, Thomas S, Lakshmikanthan V, Iczkowski KA, Shah GV. Calcitonin Receptor-Zonula Occludens-1 Interaction Is Critical for Calcitonin-Stimulated Prostate Cancer Metastasis. PLoS ONE 11(3).


Thakkar A, Raj H, Ravishankar, Muthuvelan B, Balakrishnan A, Padigaru M. High Expression of three-gene signature improves prediction of relapse-free survival in estrogen receptor-positive and node-positive breast tumors. Biomarker Insights, 10:103-12.


Thakkar A, Chenreddy S, Wang J, Prabhu S. Ferulic acid combined with aspirin demonstrates chemopreventive potential towards pancreatic cancer when delivered using chitosan-coated solid-lipid nanoparticles. Cell and Biosciences,  21;5:46.


Thakkar A, Chenreddy S, Wang J, Prabhu S. Evaluation of ibuprofen loaded solid lipid nanoparticles and its combination regimens for pancreatic cancer chemoprevention. International Journal of Oncology, 4:1827-34.


Chang A, Yeung S, Thakkar A, Huang KM, Liu MM, Kanassatega RS, Parsa C, Orlando R, Jackson EK, Andresen BT, Huang Y. Prevention of skin carcinogenesis by the β-blocker carvedilol. Cancer Prevention Research, 1:27-36. 


Grandhi BK, Thakkar A, Wang J, Prabhu S. A novel combinatorial nanotechnology-based oral chemopreventive regimen demonstrates significant suppression of pancreatic cancer neoplastic lesions. Cancer Prevention Research, 10:1015-25.


Thakkar A, Bijnsdorp IV, Geldof AA, Shah GV. Profiling of the calcitonin-calcitonin receptor axis in primary prostate cancer: clinical implications and molecular correlates. Oncology Reports, 3:1265-74.


Thakkar A, Sutaria D, Grandhi BK, Wang J, Prabhu S. The molecular mechanism of action of aspirin, curcumin and sulforaphane combinations in the chemoprevention of pancreatic cancer. Oncology Reports, 4:1671-7.


Wagh V, Mishra P, Thakkar A, Shinde V, Sharma S, Padigaru M, Joshi K. Antitumor activity of NPB001-05, an orally active inhibitor of Bcr-Abl tyrosine kinase. Frontier Biosciences, 3:1349-64.


Thakkar A, Raj H, Chakrabarti D, Ravishankar, Saravanan N, Muthuvelan B, Balakrishnan A, Padigaru M. Identification of gene expression signature in estrogen receptor positive breast carcinoma. Biomarkers in Cancer, 2:1-15.

Other Scholarly Activity


Padigaru M, Sharma S, Thakkar A, Sabapathy AR, Parikh S, Ghosh U: Method of Use of Epiregulin Protein and Nucleic Acid Encoding the Same in Inflammatory Conditions, 2008 (WO/2008/062359).

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Arvind Thakkar

Arvind Thakkar



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