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Clara Cox

The University of New England encompasses what is Maine, to me. It is a community of students and faculty who are passionate about the area they live in, and strive to better the environment through innovative technology and awareness. Not only that, UNE strives to help students find their own passions. I watched my sister, a 2015 UNE graduate, discover and cultivate her interests here at the University of New England. Not only was I inspired by the knowledge she gained in her field, but also the experience she had with faculty here on campus. Here at UNE, you are surrounded by faculty who are incredibly passionate about what they study and teach, which in turn fosters excitement in students. I am thrilled to work for a community that imparts their passion to students. I invite you to visit UNE and see the commitment that UNE faculty and students have to each other and to their community. 


Bachelors of Science in French

University of Vermont


Clara Cox

Clara Cox


Admissions Counselor

Biddeford Campus

(207) 602-2475

On Campus