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Kathryn A. Ono



University of California, Santa Cruz


University of California, Davis


University of California, Davis

Post-Doctoral Training

Biology Board

University of California, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz



Behavioral ecology and animal behavior

marine mammal behavior and biology

marine mammal policy



Current Research

Initiating studies on the behavior of grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) in Maine; studies on the diving behavior of harbor seal pups.

Research Interests

Behavioral ecology of pinnipeds (seals and sea lions); diving behavior and life history studies in seals; breeding behavior of pinnipeds; reproductive biology of pinnipeds.

Selected Publications

Comparison of Health and Behavior Parameters in Rehabilitated Stranded and Wild Harbor Seal Pups (Phoca vitulina concolor), an EPA grant to study to study pathogens, diving and movements of harbor seal pups in Maine.

Location-specific diving behavior of Harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) pups, a CAS mini-grant to study feeding behavior in wild harbor seal pups.  

Hood WR, Ono KA (1997) Variation in maternal attendance patterns and pup behavior in a declining population of Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus), Canadian Journal of Zoology 75: 1241-1246.  

Westlake RL, Perryman WL, Ono KA (1997) Comparison of vertical aerial photographic and ground censuses of Steller sea lions at Año Nuevo Island, July 1990-1993, Marine Mammal Science 13: 207-218.  

Ono KA (1997) Sea lions, life history and reproduction, The Evolving Female: A Life-History Perspective, Morbeck ME, Galloway A, Zihlman AL, eds., Princeton University Press 34-45.  

Ono KA, Boness DJ (1996) Sexual size dimorphism in California sea lion pups: Differential maternal investment or sexual differences in energy allocation? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 38: 31-41.  

Ono KA (1995) Effects of climate change on marine mammals in the far north, Human Ecology and Climate Change: People and Resources in the Far North, Peterson DL, Johnson DR, eds. Taylor and Francis 105-121.

Kathryn A. Ono



Associate Professor

Marine Science Center

(207) 602-2814

On Campus