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Kenneth L McCall

Professor Kenneth 'Mac' McCall earned his BS Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and completed a primary care residency with the Department of Veterans Affairs and US Army.  Prior to moving to Maine to join the founding leadership team at the UNE College of Pharmacy, he was an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center for eleven years.  His leadership roles have included Chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice at the UNE College of Pharmacy, President of the Maine Pharmacy Association, Director of the UNE-Martin’s Point-Hannaford Pharmacy Community PGY1 Residency Program, Coordinator of the UNE-Apothecary by Design Community PGY1 Residency Program, Director of the UNE-Synageva BioPharma Medical Affairs Fellowship, Interim Director of the UNE College of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education, Director of the TTUHSC Community Pharmacy Residency Program, Head of the Community Care Division at TTUHSC, and Clinical Pharmacy Manager at Northwest Texas Healthcare System. 

Dr. McCall’s passions are teaching, community service and advocacy for the profession of pharmacy.  As a professor, he dedicates the full measure of his abilities to provide an exemplary pharmacy education that produces health professionals of extraordinary competence and integrity.  Throughout his academic career, he has strived to improve his teaching as evidenced by his scholarship of teaching and learning.  He has been honored by his students and faculty-peers with “Teacher of the Year”, “Most Influential Professor” and “Mentor of the Year” awards.  His greatest professional joy is contributing to the education of future pharmacists. 

Dr. McCall has been inspired by many others who care about their communities and he has found that service is one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in pharmacy.  He has volunteered in the Veterans Affairs healthcare systems in Texas and Maine to provide immunizations for veterans and spouses of veterans.  His outstanding service to veterans was recognized by the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) in 2015 with the Immunization Champion Award.  He has also served at a licensed free-clinic pharmacy in Biddeford, Maine, from 2009 to 2015 to provide free prescription medications to individuals who have no healthcare coverage.  He currently serves on the Maine Opioid Clinical Advisory Committee and the Mainecare DUR Committee.

Dr. McCall has been blessed with many wonderful mentors and has gained from them a greater appreciation for advocacy on behalf of patients and his profession.  He believes that healthcare advocacy is the intersection of professionalism and citizenship.  He has successfully worked with many stakeholders in Maine to support and enact legislation that expands the scope of practice of pharmacists including collaborative practice and immunization services.  He also has collaborated with colleagues at NACDS and APhA to advocate for federal legislation that would recognize pharmacists as providers with the ultimate goal of improving access to care and healthcare quality.  His community service and advocacy efforts have been recognized by the Retail Association of Maine’s Government Service Award and by the Maine Pharmacy Association/APhA Bowl of Hygeia Award.  He also strives to include students in these local and national advocacy efforts so that they can expand their own personal viewpoints through interactions with legislators and better articulate the value that a pharmacist provides to public health.


BS Pharmacy

University of Oklahoma

Doctor of Pharmacy

University of Oklahoma

Board Certifications and Licenses

Maine, #PR5705

Texas, #37517

Oklahoma, #12129

Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy


Ambulatory Care Specialty Residency

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Clinical Affiliations

Clinic Name

Martin's Point Health Care



Clinic Name

Hannaford Pharmacy




Ambulatory Care

Community Pharmacy

Geriatrics/Gerontology Curriculum Development and Competencies


Selected Publications

Ighodaro EO, McCall KL, Chung DY, Nichols SD, Piper BJ.  Dynamic changes in prescription opioids from 2006 to 2017 in Texas  PeerJ 7, e8108

Simpson KJ, Moran MT, McCall KL, Herbert J, Foster ML, Simoyan OM.  Increasing heroin, cocaine, and buprenorphine arrests reported to the Maine Diversion Alert ProgramForensic science international 303, 109924

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Simpson KJ, Moran MT, Foster ML, Shah DT, Chung DY, Nichols SD, Piper BJ, McCall KL. Descriptive, observational study of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical arrests, use, and overdoses in MaineBMJ open 9 (4), e027117

Collins LX, Gillott A, Pande L, Chung DY, Nichols SD, McCall KL, Piper BJ.  Trends in the Medical Supply of Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogues: United States, 2006 to 2017.  Preventive Medicine 123, 95-100

Bernard K, Cowles B, McCall KL, Henningsen RM, O’Toole M, Tu C.  Impact of Medication Synchronization Programs on Proportion of Days Covered Scores and Medicare Part D Medication-Related Adherence Metrics.  Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 59 (3), 343-348

Piper BJ, Ogden CL, Simoyan OM, Chung DY, Caggiano JF, Nichols SD, McCall KL. (2018) Trends in use of prescription stimulants in the United States and Territories, 2006 to 2016. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0206100.

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Piper BJ, Shah DT, Simoyan OM, McCall KL, Nichols SD.  Trends in Medical Use of Opioids in the United States: 2006-2016.  American Journal of Preventive Medicine.  2018:54(5):652-660.

Piper BJ, Suarez M, Piserchio J, McCall KL, Desrosiers CE, Nichols SD.  Illicit and Prescription Drug Misuse as Reported to the Maine Diversion Alert Program.  Accepted to Forensic Science International.  2018:285;65–71.

Holt CT, McCall KL, Cattabriga G, Tu C, Kuhn E, Nichols S.  Using Controlled Substance Receipt Patterns to Predict Prescription Drug Overdose Death.    Pharmacology. 2017 Dec 14;101(3-4):140-147.

Piper BJ, Nichols SD, Desrosiers C, McCall KL.  A New Tool to Tackle the Opioid Epidemic: Description, Utility and Results from the Maine Diversion Alert Program.  Pharmacotherapy.  2017 May 19. doi: 10.1002/phar.1952. 

Bell EC, Fike DS, Liang D, Lockman PR, McCall KL.  Assessment of computer-mediated module intervention in a pharmacy calculations course.  Educ Inf Technol.  2016  DOI 10.1007/s10639-016-9531-8                          

Piper B, Nichols SD, Martin S, Desrosiers C, McCall KL.  Use and Misuse of Opioids in Maine: Results from pharmacists, the prescription monitoring and the diversion alert programs.  J Stud. Alcohol Drugs.  2016;77:556-565.

Adams AJ, Matzke G, McCall KL.  A Novel Education and Training Program to Enhance Student Advocacy. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.  2015;79(7):article 95.

Stewart H, Ochs L, Malinowski A, McCall KL.  Inside Maine’s Medicine Cabinet: Findings from DEA Medication Take-Back Events, 2011-2013.  American Journal of Public Health.  2015;105(1):e65-e71.

McCall KL, Holt C, Nichols S, Ochs L, Tu C, Cattabriga G.  Prescription monitoring program trends among individuals arrested in Maine for trafficking prescription drugs in 2014.  Pharmacotherapy.  18 APR 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/phar.1758

Lacroix M, McCall KL, Fike DS.  The Keller Personalized System of Instruction in a Pharmacy Calculations Course: A Randomized Trial.  Currents in Pharmacy Teaching & Learning.  2014;6(3):348-52.

McCall KL, Tu C, Lacroix M, Holt C, Wallace KL, Balk J. Controlled substance prescribing trends and physician and pharmacy utilization patterns: epidemiological analysis of the Maine prescription monitoring program from 2006 to 2010. Journal of Substance Use 2013;18(6):467-475.

Other Scholarly Activity

Nichols S, McCall KL, Centanni N, Steward Dale, McGillicuddy S, Jackson J.  Antagonistic Psychotropic Polypharmacy: Concomitant Sedative and Stimulant Prescriptions.   2016 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Annual Meeting.  Hollywood, FL, October 2016.  Award: “Research to have the greatest impact in the care of the geriatric patient”

Nichols S, McCall KL, Ochs L, Holt C, Cattabriga G.  Prescription monitoring program trends among individuals arrested in Maine for Trafficking Prescription Drugs in 2014.   2015 American College of Clinical Pharmacy Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy.  San Francisco, CA, October 2015.  Award: Best Paper, 1st-Runner-Up 

McCall KL, Holt C, Kuhn E, Nichols S, Ochs L.  Diversion Alert: Controlled substance prescribing trends in the Maine Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) database associated with pharmaceutical trafficking arrests.   49th American Society of Health‐System Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting, Anaheim, CA, December 2014.

McCall KL, Holt C, Kuhn E.  Controlled substance prescribing trends and predictors of drug overdose death.  North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Conference.  New York, NY, November 2014.

McCall KL, Holt C, Kuhn E.  Controlled substance prescribing trends and predictors of drug overdose death.  Addiction Health Services Research Conference.  Boston, MA, October 2014.

Funded Grants

McCall KL.  PGY1 Community Residency Program.  Submitted to Apothecary by Design.  Budget totaling $80,000.  Funding approved September, 2016.

McCall KL. Prescription Monitoring Program Continuing Education Curriculum for Pharmacists and Prescribers.  Submitted to National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation.  Budget totaling $20,000.  Funding approved April, 2016.

McCall KL.  PGY1 Community Residency Program.  Submitted to Hannaford Bros Co.  Budget totaling $34,637.  Funding approved April, 2016.

McCall KL.  PGY1 Community Residency Program.  Submitted to Martin’s Point Healthcare.  Budget totaling $34,637.  Funding approved April, 2016.

McCall KL, Rosenthal G.  Medical Affairs Fellowship Program.  Submitted to Synageva BioPharma.  Budget totaling $50,000.  Funding approved March, 2014.

Hornby H, Rogers A, Lipovsky J, Kiaer L, Ochs L, Holt C, Laramy K, Harper J, McCall KL.  Prescription Drug Overdose: Prevention for ME.  Submitted to CDC RFA-CE14-1404 Prescription Drug Overdose: Boost for State Prevention.  Funding denied.

Teter C, Palmer MJ, Carr DB, McCall KL.  Provider Risk Stratification Related to Opioid Prescribing Practices in a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center.  Submitted to the NIH Exploratory/Development Research Grant Award (R21).  Funding denied.

Sullivan M, McCall KL.  PGY1 Community Residency Expansion Grant.  Submitted to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation.  Budget totaling $50,000.  Funding approved March, 2013.

Kenneth Mccall

Kenneth L McCall


BSPharm, Pharm.D., BCGP, RPh, FAPhA

Professor and Director of Residency Programs & Professional Affairs

Pharmacy Building

(207) 221-4155

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