Margaret S. Friar



University at Albany, State University of New York



Avian behavior

behavioral ecology of seabirds

animal social systems; comparative anatomy of vertebrates; ornithology; general biology; field research techniques

design of experiments.


Current Research

Optimizing life history strategies includes exploiting new habitat niches. For the past two summers, I have been studying urban roof-nesting Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus). I am collaborating with a colleague here at UNE and researchers at Tufts Veterinary School and Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Working with student research assistants, we are comparing the breeding phenology of urban- and island-nesting gulls.

Research Interests

My research interest is in the field of behavioral ecology of seabirds. Seabirds have a suite of life history traits which make them ideal subjects for long-term study.

Selected Publications

Nisbet, I. C. T., V. Apanius, and M. S. Friar, 2001. Breeding Performance of Very Old Common Terns. J. Field Ornithology: 73(2) 117-24. Tims, Julia, Ian C.T. Nisbet, Margaret S. Friar, Carolyn Mostello, Jeremy J. Hatch, 2004. Characteristics and Performance of Common Terns in Old and Newly-Established Colonies. Waterbirds 27: 321-332.

Margaret Friar

Margaret S. Friar



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