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Nancy Baugh

I have been fortunate to have excellent opportunities to teach a variety of nursing courses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I particularly enjoy teaching health assessment and skills labs and have utilized creative teaching strategies to help students understand complex interrelationships among concepts. I was one of the “early users” of concept mapping as a pedagogical approach in the clinical setting. I have experienced the “joys and challenges” of engaging students in both classroom and virtual environments and am excited about exploring new ways to promote student engagement and learning. I believe students in the healthcare professions need more opportunities to solve actual clinical problems in a low stress environment that could be provided via simulation.

My research interest is obesity evolved from my work as a nurse practitioner in the field of obesity surgery. The biobehavioral model is a useful one for exploring and testing interventions aimed at obesity. My early research has focused on the effect of eating behaviors and physical activity on weight loss in gastric banding patients. Later research has explored ways to promote healthy lifestyles in the college age population.




Virginia Commonwealth University


Board Certifications and Licenses

Adult Nurse Practitioner


Primary Care



Current Research

Obesity Interventions

Selected Publications

Baugh, N. and Mellott, K., (1998) Clinical concept-mapping as preparation for student nurses’ 
            clinical experiences. Journal of Nursing Education, 37(6), 253-56.  

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Baugh, N, McNallen, A. & Frazelle, M. (2014). Mary Breckinridge and the Frontier Nursing  
            Service: Historical Review Using Concept Mapping as a Methodology. The Qualitative 
           Report. 19(6),1-10.

Browning, M, Baugh, N., Wolfe, L.G., Kellum, J., Maher, J.W. and Evans, R.K. (2014)
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Harris, D.E., A. Aboueissa, N. Baugh, C. Sarton, & E. Lichter. (2014) 11-Year trends in 
            pregnancy- related health indicators in Maine – 2000-2010. Journal of Pregnancy. 13, 
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            infant health indicators and outcomes in Maine. Rural and Remote Health. 15:3278.        

Baugh N., McCain, N.L., Aboueissa, A.M., Driscoll, C., Evans, R.K., & Robins, J.L. (2015) The    
            relationship of eating behaviors, hunger control, and physical activity to weight loss and 
            quality of life in laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding patients. Advances in Obesity, 
            Weight Management & Control. 3(5). doi:10.15406/aowmc.2015.03

Baugh, N., Harris, D., Aboueissa, A.M., Sarton, C & Lichter, E. (2016) The impact of maternal obesity             and excessive gestational weight gain on maternal and infant outcomes in Maine: Analysis of               Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) results from 2000 – 2010. Journal of             Pregnancy. vol. 2016, Article ID 5871313, 

Baugh, N. Patient presenting with Chest Tightness. In Cappiello, J.D, Eaton,J., Harkless, G.E eds. A                 Day in the Office: Case Studies in Primary Care, 2nd Edition Elsevier; 2016. 

Harris, D., Aboueissa, A., Sarton, C. & Baugh, N. (2017) Preconception and prenatal smoking                          among Maine women: Defining risk and determining the impact of abstinence efforts by care              providers. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health Currently under Review

Funded Grants

Awarded Research Grant from the Maine Economic Initiative Fund Co Investigator: Health Lifestyle Management Technologies Cluster. 
May, 2013 


Invited Plenary Presentation

Adolescent Obesity
Podium Presentation
National Nurse Practitioner Symposium
Keystone, Colorado
July, 2016 

Optimizing Outcomes for Your Bariatric Surgery Patient
Podium Presentation
National Nurse Practitioner Symposium
Keystone, Colorado
July, 2014 

The Ups and Downs of Weight Loss Surgery
Southworth Planetarium Science Lecture Series
Podium Presentation
Portland Maine
February, 2014

Intervening in the Obesity Epidemic
Advanced Practice Nursing Conference:Meeting the Challenges of Today
Podium Presentation
Richmond, Virginia
October, 2007

Bariatric Surgery in Morbidly Obese Adolescents
Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners
Annual Conference
Podium Presentation
Reston, Virginia
March, 2007

Case Presentation: Pulmonary Embolism 
American Society of Bariatric Surgeons Annual Meeting
Podium Presentation
San Diego, California
June, 2007

Nursing Care Challenges in the Obese Surgical Patient
5th Annual Medical-Surgical Nursing Conference ;Emerging Trends in Adult Health Care
Podium Presentation 
Richmond, Virginia
April, 2006

Nancy Baugh

Nancy Baugh



Clinical Associate Professor

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