Srikanta Banerjee

Dr. Sri Banerjee has over fifteen years of experience in the areas of Public Health and Global Health.  He has worked at the Centers for Disease Control in the area of infectious diseases and has worked on public health projects worldwide.  Additionally, he has conducted award-winning research in the areas of HIV and chronic diseases and has experience writing grant proposals.  His experience as a public health consultant and serving on the board of directors of public health organizations help in proving a practical front line perspective to the learning of public health.  Also, has has experience in advising students about public health projects.  

Sri is a member of the American Medical Association, Americal Rural Health Association, and American Association of Family Physicians.  He received his MD, MPH, PhD and postdoctoral training in the United States, United Kingdon, and the Caribbean and attended universities like the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.



American University of Antigua

PhD, Public Health and Epidemiology

Walden University


Des Moines University

Graduate Certificate

Johns Hopkins University

BS, Biology

Georgia Institute of Technology




Practice Experience


Current Research

Sri has researched health disparities and cardivascular disease in his PhD research.  Additionally, he has researched in the areas of malaria, HIV, diabetes, obesity, mental health, health disparities, homelessness, unintentional injuries, and rural health.  Sir is well-versed with both quantitative and qualitative research.  He has guided research work in the areas of smoking cessation, obesity, infectious disease, and malaria.

Research Interests

Diabetes, HIV, Cardiovascular Disease, Smoking Cessation

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Srikanta Banerjee

Srikanta Banerjee



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