As a student in UNE's School of Pharmacy Healthcare Data Analytics (HDA) track, you will learn Python, a high-demand programming language, and various Data Science Algorithms (DSAs), which are valuable skills in big data and artificial intelligence (AI). You will learn how to use Python and DSAs to perform data analysis, data visualization, and more in clinical data. In addition to traditional pharmacy positions, these skills will provide you with many career opportunities. UNE's School of Pharmacy is one of the only pharmacy schools to offer the HDA track.

Completion Requirements

As a Pharm.D. student, you are eligible to earn a certificate that designates your completion of the HDA track at the beginning of your P2 year, provided you meet the following requirements:

  1. Successful completion of three required courses
    • Introduction to Python (3credits)
    • Data Science for Health Analytics (3credits)
    • Unix Computing and Molecular Visualization (2 credits)
  2. Complete an HDA research project approved by the HDA track faculty members.

Research Project

The research project will use Python and DSAs skills to analyze health data, e.g., cancer patho images, HER data, text data, and more. The project will take approximately a semester with time required estimated at two hours per week. The health data set can be obtained from, Google dataset searchCarnegie Mellon University library, and anywhere a health data track is offered. You will present your research project at the end of the P3 spring semester.


For additional information, please email faculty coordinator Chunhao Tu, Ph.D. at

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