This strategic plan and the transparent, inclusive process through which we developed it have empowered the UNE community. The University’s success and growth over the past decades have provided us a solid foundation. This strategic plan articulates a vision of a bold and exciting future and a road map for the next phase of our collective journey.

But now, our real work has begun. We must transform how we will work day-to-day as individuals, constituents of specific colleges and administrative offices, residents of campuses in Maine and Morocco, members of a physical and virtual community with shared values, as well as partners with numerous external organizations. It is this hard work that will empower us to achieve our vision.

Several immediate steps, currently underway, are critical to reach the goals we have articulated in this strategic plan:

  • We are in the process of developing an implementation plan that prioritizes the initiatives we will pursue to achieve each goal; describes how we will operationalize these initiatives; and indicates how we will measure our progress.
  • We have begun the work of defining a UNE brand identity and consistent messaging that clarify our vision and direction to the members of our community internally and that increase awareness of the University’s distinctiveness and heighten its reputation externally—among prospective students and their families, our alumni and partners worldwide, and the public at large.
  • Each college is developing or revisiting its strategic plan and specific goals to better align them with the direction set by this strategic plan.
  • We are working towards linking our resource allocation process to the goals and initiatives of the strategic plan.
  • We will prepare an annual report on the status of implementation of the strategic plan, noting progress on each goal and initiative, identifying new opportunities and changed circumstances, and outlining steps to respond to such changes.
  • We resolve to undertake a more comprehensive review of progress at the midpoint of the term of this strategic plan (early 2021) and refresh the goals and initiatives as needed to ensure that the plan remains a highly relevant, living document.