The UNE Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee

Ellen Beaulieu, VP for Strategic Initiatives and Communications

Ellen Beaulieu has served as a UNE program director, VPAA and currently brings academic and administrative experience to her role as the vice president for Strategic Initiatives and Communications. Ellen facilitates university-level strategic planning, implementation mapping, and communication.

Michael Sheldon, Interim Provost

Mike Sheldon has been a member of the Physical Therapy department since 1990 and brings years of institutional experience to the position of interim provost. Mike has a longtime interest in injury/disease prevention, health promotion, policy analysis, and program evaluation. Mike led the NEASC Comprehensive Evaluation with Ellen Beaulieu.

Nicole Trufant, VP for Finance & Administration

Nicole Trufant leads all functional areas of finance and general accounting, resource planning and budget, human resources, institutional research, legal affairs, student financial services, and information technology services.

Frank Daly, Associate Professor, Biomedical Science

Frank Daly serves as chair of the University Faculty Assembly (UFA) and is an associate professor of biomedical science at the UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has research interest in the developing nervous system, using immuno-histochemistry and other molecular techniques to investigate melanopsin in the retina of the Nassau Grouper, the effects of Morbillivirus in the spinal cord of Harbor Seals, and early markers of retinal vascular defects in rodents.

Danielle Deason, Executive Assistant, Office of Research & Scholarship

Dani Deason serves as the chair of the UNE Staff Assembly and supports the Office of Research and Scholarship and the Office of Sponsored Programs. Dani’s responsibilities include providing support for the vice president for Research and Scholarship and the Office of Sponsored Programs, assisting with the annual HIPAA training for the UNE community (faculty, professional staff, and students), and maintaining a digital presence for UNE research via twitter and a newsletter.  

AKA Strategy Consultants

john braunsteinJohn Braunstein, Director, AKA Strategy

John M. Braunstein, a director of AKA Strategy, has extensive experience in higher education strategy, organization, management, enrollment, and planning.

Nicola BlakeNicola Blake, Advisory Consultant, AKA Strategy

Dr. Nicola Blake, a consulting associate for AKA Strategy, is an associate professor of English at Guttman Community College of the City University of New York, where she has also served as faculty advisor to the Provost and Liberal Arts and Sciences coordinator.