The Microscope Core Facility (MCF) provides access to and training for use of our high-powered microscopes for creative student research.

Our facility is located in Pickus Center for Biomedical Research on the Biddeford Campus. We offer the use of both a confocal microscope and an atomic force microscope and support and encourage the use of these microscopes in student activities and research. We work with researchers and students to develop projects, take images, and process their data.

Mission Statement

The mission of the MCF is to serve as a focal point connecting a number of formal and informal outreach efforts undertaken between UNE, our collaborators and local educational communities. The mission of UNE's College of Arts and Science includes providing its undergraduate students hands-on research training guided by its dynamic teacher-scholars. We recognize that the highly visual nature of a micrograph lends itself to numerous creative ways to stimulate discussion and interest in our outreach efforts. The MCF aims to serve diverse and socio-economically disadvantaged local communities and is designed to help bridge a widening technology gap through outreach/training and research opportunities.


For information, registration, assistance, or problems contact Peter Caradonna at (207) 602-2643 or Facility hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, as arranged, and 24-hour access after training.

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