For Faculty

What Career Services Can Do For Faculty

  • Serve as an effective referral resource.
  • Support, promote and participate in departmental activities.
  • Provide a substitute teaching option covering specific career-related questions should there be a need to be away from class.
  • Share pertinent employment/internship information.
  • Briefly visit classes to describe services and/or present in-class workshops on career related topics such as resume and cover letter writing and interviewing strategies.
  • Forward recommendation letter guidelines (developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers).
  • Refer students to departmental faculty for consultation regarding academic major/minor decisions.
  • Provide data from recent graduates via the annual Graduate Survey conducted by Career Services.
  • Promote the academic preparation of UNE graduates.

What Career Services Can Do For Students/Alumni

  • Help identify skills, interests and career goals.
  • Assist in the process of determining/changing a major.
  • Provide information about career options.
  • Help develop effective job search strategies including resume writing and interviewing (videotaped mock interviews are available).
  • Target employment and program announcements to specific groups of students.
  • Present career related programs/workshops/employer events.
  • Maintain full-time, part-time and summer position listings. 
  • Assist in planning for further education.

What Faculty Can Do For Career Services

  • Serve as an effective referral resource.
  • Refer students who may benefit from the service.
  • Participate in/help promote Career Services programming.
  • Share employment postings and prospective contacts.
  • Utilize Career Services staff when presenting relevant courses/topics within courses.
  • Encourage graduating students to complete the Graduate Survey, information that is valuable to the entire UNE community.