For Undergraduates

We offer career services to all UNE students. There are things you can do each year you're on campus to ensure that by the time you graduate, you will be ready to begin a career or continue your education. Some of the things you can do include:

First year

  • Become aware of campus and community resources
  • Identify interests, skills and values (self-assessment)
  • Evaluate your decision regarding your major

Second year

  • Engage in meaningful extracurricular/volunteer activities
  • Research careers of interest 
  • Begin getting career-relevant experience
  • Commit to a major

Third year

  • Continue exploring career options
  • Plan for internship(s)
  • Develop contacts with people in your field of interest 
  • Begin the process of applying to graduate/medical schools, if attending

Final year

  • Learn how to conduct a professional job search
  • Clarify career objectives 
  • Have resume reviewed 
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Contact references 
  • Actively job seek