Choosing a Major

If you are trying to choose the right major for you, you are welcome to visit the Career Services Office for personalized help. Self-assessment is a critical first step.

A next step would be to do an in-depth study of the majors available to you. The University Catalog is a good place to start. Look at the criteria for entering the major, the course requirements and the course descriptions. Are you eligible? Do you like the required courses? Look at all of your options before narrowing down your choice.

The next step would be to speak with faculty and students in the major. Ask questions! Is this a major that you truly like and in which you feel you can be successful? Be sure to know all of the academic and experiential requirements for degree completion. What careers may be associated with various programs of study? Consider adding a minor to enhance your major, or explore another field of interest.

When you have made a decision and are ready to act upon it, meet with your advisor to begin the process. 

Taking the time and effort in making this decision will be worthwhile!